How to use it?

A trial for all of our software is available to you.. If you want to use any of ezCloud software, please click  “Free trial” on that page. . In addition, we also provide 24/7 support call center for software consulting service.

If the connection or power is lost, what would happen to the software?

Internet failure occurs frequently when you do not have a good network connection. In this case, you can use USB 3G or any mobile devices such as iphone, ipad, galaxy… to connect to ezCloud software.

Is my data safe?

The database is encrypted on ezCloud system, the data which is uploaded to the ezCloud server will be encrypted before being saved in the  database. In addition, data is backed up every five minutes. Therefore, your data will be highly secured.

Can ezCloud ensure uninterrupted server server service?

We have made a huge investment in server system and transmission line. Therefore, ezCloud server system ensures uptime connection up to 99.99% and ensures no interruption duringoperation.

Why does ezCloud charge users?

The stable operation of the ezCloud’s hotel management software is due to ezCloud’s  investment in server systems.  Your recurring fee paid to ezCloud forms   a bond between you and ezCloud, making us try our best to deliver the service and you stay with us in years to come.

How to use ezCloud software officially?

After 7-day trial, our staffs will call you at your registered phone number. You will be  guided to sign the contract and make payment. After payment, ezCloud will issue the invoice according to the information you have specified in the contract.

If my demo account has already been set up, do I need to do the setup again in the official account?

No need to do anything! You can continue to use your  trial account. All your  data, configuration, process and other things  will remain  unchanged. Just do what you have been doing!

Does the trial version have full features?

Our 7 – day trial version has all the features and no limitation in room number. After registration, you can use it immediately to manage your hotel.

When using the trial, do I get technical support

You can always receive full support from our support team while using the trial. Moreover, you can ask for customization to fit your hotel’s specific business.