Solutions made for Homestay and Hostel

Find out how tens of thousands of beds & rooms are being managed


Apply technology to Homestay and Hostel management

ezCloud also takes into account Homestay and Hostels constraints. We provide the right technology solutions to manage efficiently revenues, automatic booking and a flexible price policy. Managing Homestay and Hostel has never been easier

Features developed specifically for Homestay and Hostel

ezCloud has researched and developed features exclusively for business by Homestay and Hostel

Simple, easy to use

Simple, user-friendly and smart interface. Easy, fast and convenient operations. Online support serve every aspects of the hotel

Cost and time saving

Save an average 25 hours per week. Free installation, upgrade and support. Management costs are only 9000 VND/day, flexible pre-paid by quarter, by year

Increase the room-selling capacity

Connect to over 200 Online Sales Channels. Two-way, real-time information updating. Arrange rooms and rate automatically to optimize selling-capacity

Cloud computing technology

Remotely manage with an internet connected device. Useable on multiple platforms, multiple devices. Management support by mobile applications

Management & Control Support

Able to Integrate smart lock, preventing loss. Flexible user permissions. Provides a wide variety of analytical & statistical reporting systems

We have selected ezCloud instead of a foreigner partner because ezCloud has covered all particular management requirements of hostel business model. The clever way ezCloud solves our problems helps us reach stable and high revenue growth.

Dinh Long, Manager of Hanoi Old Quarter View Hostel

Channel manager - ezCms

Optimize room-selling capacity

Automatic information connection

Two-way connection with hotel software

Connect to over 200 online room sales channels

Integrate the manage and online booking software

Website design integrates booking - ezWeb

Manage & visitor statistics, optimize marketing costs

SEO standard design, multiple screens displayable

Support bookings on hotel website, link to the PMS

Increase direct bookings, reduce commission costs

Collect customer information to support cross-selling other services