Management solution made for small and medium hotels

Already used by thousands hotels across 80 states and 5 countries


Smart management tool for small and medium hotels

ezCloud's management solution provides you with a smart management tool. Advertise and broaden your hotel visibility.
Get more time to enhance your guests' experience in your hotel

Features suitable for medium and small hotels

ezCloud has developed a solution that suits a huge variety of business models. An overall management solution built to optimize small hotel operations

Simple, user-friendly

Simple & smart interface. Easy operation in every device. Online support 24/7. Customized configuration according to hotel requirements

Cost and time saving

Save 25 hours/ week. Free installation, upgrade and 24/7 support. Cost from only 9000 VND/ room/ month. Pre-paid by quarter, by year

Increase the room-selling capacity

Connect to more than 200 online room-selling channels. Two-way information connection. Increase revenue by 30%

Cloud computing technology

Seamless management via internet connected device. Usable in multiple platforms & devices. Support management by mobile applications

Management & Control Support

Integrate smart lock for loss control. Flexible user permissions. Provides a wide choice of analytical reports

Channel manager - ezCms

Sell your room on the best online booking channels. Two-way automatic, real-time information updating. Increase 35% of room selling-capacity without worrying of overbooking

Optimize the room-selling capacity by each channel

Two-way connection with room inventory, no worry about the lack of room

Compare prices with competitors, flexible price adjustment over time

Integrate with software, automatic room arrangement, room assignment by type

Reduce the time for operational task , increase the work efficiency by 400%

Connect to over 200 room-selling channels globally, increase 35% chances in sales

Blubiz is a hotel chain specializing in serving Korean guests with extraordinary quality comparing to hotels in the area. We have chosen ezCloud hotel as a trusted technical partner for a professional management process, financial control and revenue optimism.

Bui Viet Bac, Owner of Blubiz Hotel

Website creation, including booking engine & online payment - ezWeb

Increase revenue from direct booking resources. Website becomes a tool to convert visitors into guest bookings. The Booking Tool supports all hotel models and online payments

Meet the standard design of SEO, display on multiple monitors
Manage and analyse visitor statistics, optimize digital marketing costs
Support bookings on hotel website, link directly to the software
Integrate online payment, instant confirmation via email, SMS
Increase revenue from direct booking, reduce commission costs
Gather customer's information to cross-sell other services

There are many other advanced features that simplify your management

No initial investment, Flexible payment over time

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