Optimal solution for Motel & BnB

A simple and overall solution, designed cleverly for Motel & BnB


We understand Motel & BnB

ezCloud has accumulated experience after working with thousands of Motels & BnBs owners in over 60 provinces and cities of Vietnam. We have integrated all that knowledge into the software and we hope to share that knowledge with other hotel owners

The problem of loss control, smart lock connection. Flexible and customized hour formula. Comprehensive reporting system. Phone application for hotel remote monitoring. All these features are integrated into one overall solution

Features for Motel & BnB

We understand the difficulty of the owners of Motels & BnBs. How to monitor when not in the hotel? How to build flexible timings for many different customer segments? How to get the fastest reports? Just with the phone, what can we do?
And with ezCloudhotel we have solved all these questions of hotel owners

Simple, easy to use

Save investment cost, just an internet connected device
Support multiple platforms and devices
Remote management vie smartphone application

Management & Monitoring support

Flexible price configuration: hourly, overnight
Integrate smart lock, loss control
Provide business analysis reporting system

Cost and time saving

Save an average 25 hours per week
Free installation, upgrade and support
Management costs are only 9000 VNĐ/day

Increase room-selling capacity

Provide full functions for booking
Room layout is easy to manage & organize
Connect booking management on online channels

I run business in hotel but cannot present at the hotel so the problem of loss control is very challenging. ezCloud helped me solve this problem wisely by connecting the smart lock and the application on smartphone. I can keep track of all information at the hotel anytime, anywhere. Hotel revenue have increased by over 30% compared to the time ezCloud has not been used.

Hoang Dung, Owner of Hoang Gia Hotel, Thanh Hoa

Channel manager - ezCms

Sell your rooms on the best booking online channels. Two-way, automatic, real-time information connection. Increase the room capacity without worrying of overbooking

Two-way connection with hotel software

Push the price, type and number of available rooms. Receive bookings from online sales channels

Manage in just a single software

Integrate hotel management and direct booking software on website. All are managed in a sole system

Connect to more than 200 online room sales channels

Sell your room or bed on the best OTA channels. Grab the booking from traveler professionally

Automatic information connection

Synchronize hotel information to online room-selling channels. Automatically update information of room configuration and rates

Optimize room-selling capacity

Configure the number of rooms sold on each channel. Save time and costs of management and human. Compare prices of rival hotels

Website design integrates Booking Engine - ezWeb

An option to increase revenue from the source of direct booking
Website becomes a tool to convert visitors into guest bookings
Booking Engine supports all types of booking: single room, bed or dormitory

Manage and analyse visitor statistics, optimize digital marketing costs

Google Analytic integration supports the management and operation of visitor metrics. Provides a multi-dimensional view of time, space, and access method

Meet the standard design of SEO, display on multiple monitors

Designed for a variety of different displays, fast speeds and user experience optimization

Support bookings on hotel website, link directly to the software

Website booking confirmation via SMS & email. Support online payment on current payment gateways

Increase revenue from direct booking, reduce commission costs

Friendly interface increases direct booking rates; Integrate automatic booking management software

Gather customer information to cross-sell other services

Assists in the synthesis of customer information, deploy marketing campaigns to the right audience

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