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Simplify the hotel management

ezCloud delivers the best hotel management solutions to you

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We are proud of ezCloud

Highly experienced staff

ezCloud was founded by tourism, hospitality and technology experts. We aim at developing advanced products that deliver best experience to hotel managers and multiple properties owners.
We believe in our customers’ satisfaction with our products and services.

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Which ezCloud product are you looking for?

With the mission of bringing the best management tools to hotels, ezCloud focuses on developing a wide range of products with high quality to make hotel business easier, more efficient and cost-saving


3-5 star Hotel management

ezFolio, a comprehensive management solution for hotel / resort, designed to provide full features to 3-5 star hotels


0-2 star Hotel management

With ezCloudhotel, you can manage and operate your hotel from any internet-connected device


Channel manager

Connect to 200+ OTAs, increase 22%-35% room capacity. Reduce manual operation, change rate automatically, check competitors' rate


Hotel website

Hotel website design services integrate online booking engine which increase your direct bookings via a customised & professional website


Restaurant management

Comprehensive solution for restaurants, integrating management & supervision functions for large-scale restaurants


Golf course management

A comprehensive solution which integrates management software, operations and online booking functions for modern Golf business model

Why ezCloud is the best choice for you?

Through our experience with more than 3000+ customers, we have a deep understanding of the hospitality management requirements. Therefore, our solutions are not just independent operating tools. We integrate our stand-alone tools into one centralised extranet which fully supports your business regarding fields of Marketing, Sales, Operations and Financial Management. This brings the best efficiency for hotel managers such as:

    Tối ưu hóa chi phí đầu tư

    Optimize your investment costs

    Đội ngũ hỗ trợ đáp ứng dịch vụ vận hành 24/7

    Provide 24/7 supports for implementation

    Nhiều tính năng mở rộng trong khách sạn

    Work anytime, anywhere on any device

    Ứng dụng di động, hỗ trợ ra quyết định

    Mobile application supports decision making

    Làm việc mọi lúc mọi nơi, trên mọi thiết bị

    Many extensive features specifically for hotels

    Tăng công suất với hơn 200 kênh bán phòng

    200+ OTA channels boost business efficiency


    Optimize investment cost
    Increase profit margin


    Provide 24/7 supports
    for implementation


    Boost room capacity with
    over 200 room-selling channels


    Work anytime, anywhere
    on any device


    Many extensive features
    dedicated for hotels


    Mobile application
    supports decision making



ezCloud is proud to contribute to the success of 3000+ hotels and large hotel chains

ezCloud is proud to be the first Vietnamese company to offer hotel management solutions abroad, with the presence in 80 provinces and 5 countries around the world

3000+ customers talk about ezCloud

We look forward to contributing to your success

Quốc gia

5 +


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50 +



80 +


Khách sạn

3.000 +


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3.000 +


Phòng khách sạn

40.000 +


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