ezFolio - The most comprehensive 3-5 star hotel property management system

As a holistic solution for managing hotel and resort chains, ezFolio is designed to provide a complete set of features for hotels ranging from 3 to 5 stars

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International standard property management
Cost savings, profit optimization
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Optimize room occupancy with ezCrs
Clear and user-friendly interface

ezFolio Manager - A management application
for 3 - 5 star hotel owners.

Do you find yourself caught up in work and unable to be at your hotel? No need to fret, you won’t miss out:

ezFolio – The management app designed for hotel owners 

With ezFolio, you don’t have to worry about YOUR hotel when you’re away







ezFolio brings you the most optimized hotel
management tool

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Global channels synchronization

ezFolio incorporates functionalities that aid in the synchronization and optimization of OTA channels, eliminating manual management. Hence, it maximizes room occupancy

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Effective supervision to minimize potential losses

Data and information related to services and payments is securely stored, providing accessibility and analysis it whenever necessary

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Seamless integration of both hardware and software components

Various hardware and software integrations allow for comprehensive monitoring of all hotel operations and processes automation, such as key cards, IPTV, Kioks Check in and Mobile Check in

ezFolio, a comprehensive property management solution for 3 to 5-star properties

The system has been implemented in more than 600 3 - 5 stars hotels, including well known hotel chains like Sojo, (which falls under the TNG Corporation), The Five (part of the Thanh Cong Corporation), A&Em, Sun Hospitality, M Hotel Group,....

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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some questions that you might find interesting. If you need any help, feel free to reach out to our hotline:

  • Business Support in the North & Central Region: 0983 039 419

  • Business Support in the South: 0904 171 080

  • Technical Support: 1900 6159
1. What is ezFolio?
  • Effortlessly managing hotel operations around the clock, wherever you are.
  • Handling bookings for individuals, groups and travel companies with ease
  • Efficiently coordinating room sales across more than 200 online channels.
  • Seamless integration with Booking Engine, Google Hotel, Electronic Invoicing and QR Payments.
  • Access to a wide range of over 100 comprehensive reports from various administrative viewpoints.
2. What are the benefits of using the ezFolio management system?
  • Operating the hotel anytime, anywhere
  • Managing individual bookings, group bookings, travel company bookings…
  • Managing and synchronizing over 200 online room sales channels
  • Integration with Booking Engine, Google Hotel, Electronic Invoicing, QR Payments
  • A system with over 100 comprehensive reports from all administrative perspectives.
3. Yes, can I view the software on my phone?

You’ll be able to enjoy a full 7 day trial period, completely free of charge. During this time, you’ll have access to all the essential features and receive personalized guidance and support from our team of consultants.

4. Does the software support viewing on mobile phones?

The current software version allows for easy installation and remote monitoring on mobile devices. This feature enables administrators to efficiently manage and control tasks from any location, at any time.

5. Does the usage include any technical support?

The highly skilled and devoted technical team at ezCloud is constantly available to assist customers with any problems or inquiries they may have while using the software. Their prompt and efficient support guarantees that customers can effortlessly utilize the software and achieve success in their business ventures.

6. Which devices and operating systems does the software support?

The software can be used on both Windows and MacOS operating systems.

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