ezCms - Channel manager

Increase revenue by 22%-35% via room selling in over 200 channels across the globe

Why choose ezCms?

Sell rooms on the best OTAs
Two-way, automatic & real-time information connection - Increase room capacity without worrying about lack of rooms

Two-way connection with room inventory, preventing the lack of room

Compare prices with competitors, flexible price adjustment over time

Reduce manual operation time, increase the work efficiency by 400%

Optimize the online room-selling capacity for hotel, by each global OTA

Integrate with software, automatically arrange & assign rooms

Connect to 200+ room-selling channels, increase 35% sales chances

Selling your rooms globally with just one click

ezCms offers two way connections with more than 200 OTAs and GDSs to help hotel stay on as many room-selling sites as possible, making it easier for travelers to find rooms in your hotel
Whenever the hotel owner needs to change the number of empty rooms or discount promotions on the channels, by just a few operations with ezCms, all information will be updated quickly to each channel OTAs and GDSs without taking much time like the manual method

Smart data synchronization

When there is a booking from the OTAs or GDSs, booking information will automatically be synchronized with the ezFolio and ezCloudhotel hotel software accurately to the date and hour. Additionally, the room-selling system will automatically deduct an empty room from all OTAs or GDSs, avoiding the case of overbooking

More bookings

With channel manager ezCms, hotels can increase 35% revenue compared to the time this system has not been used. Additionally, with smart room arrangement feature, ezCms allows hotel to automatically re-positioning rooms to receive the most bookings

Increase productivity

With just a few clicks or some operation with the system, you can sell hotel rooms simultaneously on multiple OTAs and GDSs without using too much workforce. Compared with the old methods, the hotel can save human cost and time spent on each room-selling channel

ezCms will help you access technology more easily

ezCms will help you access technology more easily

  • A bridge between the hotel and the system provider
  • Receive email alerts upon reservation
  • Free connectivity support with ezFolio and ezCloudhotel software
  • Free training about how-to-use for hotel
  • 24/7 support via chatbox or the switchboard 1900 6159