ezCloud understands that the privacy and security of your (user) data are important. We are committed to protecting your privacy and the personal information you provide. In addition, the information you submit to ezCloud in response to requests for information via email or other approaches will be handled in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

By accessing our website and registering to contact us, you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy. ezCloud may amend, update or supplement this policy at any time. The revision is in effect at the time we update it. After the privacy policy is updated, the user still using this website means that the user has understood and agreed to the ezCloud Privacy Policy.

Purpose of information collection

Information collected through this website will help us:

  • Provide services according to the requirements and interests of users (if any).
  • Support users when having questions in the fastest way.
  • Prevent intrusive activities, account theft, and fraudulent registration activities.
  • Communicate and work directly with users in special cases related to ezCloud’s services.

Except in case of a request from the law: ezCloud is responsible for cooperating in providing personal information of users upon request from judicial authorities including the procuratorate, court, and public security agency. The investigation related to certain illegal behavior of the user. In addition, no one has the right to infringe on the user’s personal information.

Scope of information collection

  • As a visitor, you are not required to provide any personal information to use the website. This website only collects personal information voluntarily provided by users.
  • You can rate or visit our website at any time without telling us who you are or providing us with any personal information. However, we may collect information at our website in two ways: (a) directly (for example, when you provide information, such as name, email address, company, sector, etc.) interested, to subscribe to the newsletter); and (b) indirectly (for example, through technology on our website).
  • If you choose not to provide the personal information required to fulfill your request, we may not be able to provide the corresponding service in accordance with your wishes.

Scope of information use

  • We use personal data to provide you with the information you request, process requests for online work, and other purposes. In some cases, to provide and properly respond to your request, we may ask you to provide additional information and the accompanying reason for use.
  • We do not try to track your personal information to identify you, but collect this contact information to generate web traffic routing, and diagnose problems with our webmaster servers I.
  • To better understand how you interact with our website and the services, based on it, the website may be redesigned or upgraded to provide a better experience and use for you.
  • To further satisfy your requirements for products and services
  • To contact you for the purpose of developing a business relationship.
  • To respond to your ideas and/or provide you with relevant information upon your request.
  • To contact you for marketing purposes, such as customer surveys.
  • To inform you about our Company’s consulting solutions.
  • Comply with the provisions of the applicable law.
  • At any time, you may request that we stop sending email notifications or other communication channels provided in response to your provision of personal information through this website.

Commitment to user information privacy

  • ezCloud is committed to the safety of user information registered with us. We are committed not to exchanging or selling user information for commercial purposes. All sharing and use of user information we commit to complying with the privacy policy.
  • ezCloud protects users’ personal data by applicable law and our data privacy policy. In addition, ezCloud maintains appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against loss, misuse, alteration, or destruction.
  • The privacy policy only applies to user information registered on our official website Any user information registered on other websites or addresses is not covered by this Privacy Policy.
  • ezCloud is committed to complying with the requirements of the PCI DSS standard in the transmission, processing, and storage of cardholder data.

Other Links

  • Links to other websites
    The Website may lead to some links to websites or data sources from other member companies and units of ezCloud. The user is solely responsible for accessing these links. ezCloud does not conduct due diligence or endorse the content, accuracy, or views expressed at these linked sites and data sources. ezCloud disclaims any liability concerning the accuracy, content, security, and display or obfuscation of information on such websites and data sources.
  • Links from other websites
    ezCloud does not allow any Internet service provider to “put all” or “embed” any element of this Website to another page or use techniques to change the appearance/display. default of the website without the consent of ezCloud.
  • Indemnity
    a. The information displayed on this website does not come with any guarantee or commitment from ezCloud about the suitability of the information and services that the user chooses.
    b. ezCloud disclaims any responsibility or warrants that the website will be free from operational errors, safety, uninterrupted, or the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the information displayed.
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