Solutions to promote hotel revenue and marketing efficiency

In business, building a marketing strategy plays an important role in determining the position of the business on the market. For the hotel business too, marketing is an important factor for a hotel to operate effectively and to be competitive in the marketplace.
As the hotel business is blooming today, the number of hotels is increasing rapidly. Each year, more than 2,000 hotels in Vietnam are granted a standard of 1 to 5 stars. Therefore, the competition among hotels in the same area is extremely large. For a hotel to function well and to be in a competitive position in the market, hotel owners need to offer effective marketing solutions to attract customers. ezCloudhotel will share with you the marketing solutions for the hotel to bring the highest efficiency to your hotel.

1. Develop a marketing strategy that fits well with smart devices.

Today, most customers use smartphones and smart devices to access the internet. Therefore, when the website design hotels pay great attention to the development of mobile version, customers can easily view information, quality images through the handset.

According to a recent survey, more than 80% of customers booking through digital devices such as smartphone, ipad. Moreover, the website designed for the mobile version is usually smaller, but the information, images are guaranteed, easy to display and interact, helping customers make reservations faster. In addition, through the handheld devices, hotels can regularly send promotional information and other customer care programs. Or the hotel can also send the program link to the website home page, which is a way to promote and to remember customers.

2. Design and optimize hotel website

In the age of explosion of information technology and internet, website is an indispensable tool for business activities in general and hotel business in particular. Website is where customers first come to find out about your hotel: history, services, price, location, … This is one of the effective tools in marketing campaign for your hotel. Can post articles introducing, promoting pictures for the hotel on the website. At the same time, this is also the place to inform customers of the promotions, gifts or gratitude that the hotel is and will be implemented.

However, you want to give customers more information about the hotel as well as promote many photos, services of the hotel but also can not publish massively spread on the website. Optimizing the website makes the interface eye-catching, attracting viewers and making it easy for google and search engines to recognize you. Therefore, website optimization is important when building and developing website for the hotel.
In addition, the integration of the Booking Engine on the website will help hotels increase revenue from online booking, instead of having to depend and share revenue with other online booking systems. ezCloudhotel offers a hotel booking engine with outstanding features such as: Show room types with different pricing policies, room search by date, number of adults, children, Room types in different quantities at the same time, allow the application of many types of promotions, offers many forms of payment reservation, integrated online payment gateway …

3. Integrated photo and video sharing on social networks

In modern life, social networking has become an integral part of life, this is one of the effective marketing channels are used by many businesses. Designing websites are linked to one or more social networks, such as facebook, google +, instargram, twitter, etc. With a unique marketing strategy you can easily create an incredibly HOT event through Social Network.

Build an impressive, attractive video, slide to the hotel for posting on social networks. These images will be easily accessible to many customers not only in the country but also international customers.

4. Join online booking websites and online hotel forums

Before making a booking, customers will find information and reviews about your hotel. Certainly, the comments and information on the forums will have no impact on their decision. Choosing to participate in the prestigious forum, the site booking online quality is being trusted many customers are a solution extremely effective.
For example, many customers choose Google Hotel Finder to find and book rooms, especially those from developed countries such as the US, UK, Singapore, … Or now, in Vietnam. Nam is using the popular website – a comparison site hotel rates and booking support is being used by many domestic and foreign visitors.

5. Prices are clearly listed

When buying a product or using any service, the first thing the customer is interested in is the price. Therefore, the transparency and detail of the price of the hotel services is also a way to bring trust to customers. Depending on the time of year, hotel prices may increase or decrease. When adjusting hotel prices must give a clear notice on the website, fanpage and leave the price list at the reception.
With these solutions, you can easily make the most efficient and effective marketing plan for your hotel. And, of course, they will bring unexpected results, helping your hotel attract more customers and increase revenue in a short time. ezCloudhotel wishes you success !.

A good management software is the key to your hotel success!




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