9 cách đơn giản để tăng truy cập trực tiếp đến website

06/04/2016 Blog

9 cách đơn giản để tăng truy cập trực tiếp đến website

Hotels need to stand on their own feet, especially if they are small and less powerful brand. Internet is a flat world, but also very crowded and noisy. If the hotel does not have a number of multi-channel strategy, they will be difficult and will ultimately depend on the online travel agent (OTA).
So how can the hotel with direct access to website?

1. Best rates
This is your site, where you have the greatest control and so, you need incentives for it. The best prices on the internet should be reserved for the website.Other websites may also have the same price, but you should not let your website at a disadvantage. If you apply a non-refundable rates on OTA, and should adopt such a website.
2. Put on your booking engine better prices
Price action is offering promotional packages, for example, for loyal customers and for a group of customers on the booking engine. These campaigns should be used to increase customer loyalty and brand awareness hotels, by meeting the requirements, desires and reward them on selected your hotel.
3. Well-designed Website
When you want to bring customers to your website, the website should be attractive. Website beautiful hotel will make the customer feel important and from which they will share all of the hotel nguoi.Website must reflect the value of the brand and the hotel, distinguished guests and mount images groin.
4. Create links backlinks
Remember the hotels listed on many other websites. Not only provide the address and basic information about the property, you need to provide the website address. This seems obvious, but in fact many hotels had forgotten to put the website address into the Google profile Place.
5. Links from social media
Hotels need to appear on social media sites are the most popular. There is a Facebook page, Google+, Instagram and Twitter is the best way to introduce and increase the online presence of the hotel.
6. Multilingual
Your website needs to have multiple languages. But you also should be noted that, despite what the language, then your potential customers need to make a reservation. Hotel website is an important part of forming the common perception of the customer to the hotel, the mother tongue is the factor positive impact on perceptions.
7. Website for Mobile Devices
As mobile phones and tablets have impressive growth, website and booking engine, you should also be optimized for mobile devices.
Google said that 40% of leisure travelers and 36% of business travelers have booked through mobile devices, it is difficult that a site ideally optimized version for smartphones and tablets .
8. Reuse content offline
Your customers have to the property. It’s great opportunity to find out what information will help them prepare better trip. This not only provides the necessary knowledge to prepare these articles posted on the website later, but also help your employees better understand their needs.
9. Photos should have a reasonable mark
Some customers use the search function before accessing images on the hotel website. By naming and labeling image (through image tag function) reasonable, you can ensure that the images found on Google.



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