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Panasonic PBX is a long-established brand from Japan, imported to Vietnam since the 1980s. It boasts high durability and caters to various customer segments, ranging from a few extensions to thousands of extensions.


Cisco PBX is renowned as the world's number one solution in the Contact Center technology field, providing seamless, flawless, and distinctive experiences for customers.


NEC PBX is the longstanding brand of NEC - a subsidiary of the Sumitomo Group, Japan. Specializing in providing diverse and flexible telecommunications and information technology solutions, meeting specific requirements of companies, telecom operators, and governments.


Yeastar IP PBX is one of the popular IP PBX brands in the Vietnamese market, favored for its cost-effectiveness and comprehensive solutions for businesses of all sizes. Yeastar IP PBX solutions have been deployed in over 100 countries.

Thanh toán


You can meet all your lifestyle needs quickly, conveniently, and safely with the super app MoMo: Transfer money, Send savings, Quick loans, Book travel tickets, Buy movie tickets, Donate, and Make payments for shopping...


VNPay utilizes modern and groundbreaking technology in the field of electronic payments to build a diverse ecosystem of products and utilities, providing superior service experiences for customers and partners.


ViettelPay is an online mobile payment application developed by the Military Industry-Telecoms Group Viettel. With ViettelPay, users can pay their monthly electricity and water bills, top-up their mobile phones, purchase flight tickets, pay for internet services, transfer money, buy train tickets, and more.


VTC Pay is an electronic wallet and payment gateway under VTC Multimedia Corporation, operating in the fields of electronic payment and e-commerce. VTC Pay offers two main services: electronic wallet and payment gateway, with practical utilities for users.


VNPT Money provides simple, secure, and convenient cashless payment methods through Mobile Money, E-wallet, and Bank account, catering to all daily payment needs and suitable for all customer segments.


Connected with domestic banks and international card organizations, OnePay is deployed to provide comprehensive payment solutions to help businesses and banks expand their operations.


Developed on a simple and convenient payment technology platform from Korea, MegaPay is an electronic payment system that allows business partners to collect payments for goods and services made by customers through ATM cards, international cards, e-wallets, payment codes, and more.

Electronic invoice

SInvoice (Viettel)

Viettel's S-Invoice electronic invoice service provides an electronic platform for businesses to manage their invoices. Invoices are initiated, sent, received, stored, and managed electronically. They are digitally signed using an electronic signature (digital signature), which holds legal validity...

VNPT Invoice

The Electronic Invoice Service (VNPT-Invoice) is VNPT's electronic invoice solution, fully compliant with all circulars, decrees, and legal requirements to replace paper invoices according to the current regulations of the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Taxation.

meInvoice (MISA)

MISA meInvoice is the leading reputable invoicing software and the top accounting ecosystem in Vietnam. It integrates accounting software, cash register, electronic tickets, remote digital signatures, and electronic personal income tax.


M-Invoice is the only specialized entity operating in the field of Electronic Invoicing. It not only provides the M-Invoice electronic invoice solution but also directly contracts with Tax Collection Treasuries (TCT) for the transmission, receipt, and storage of electronic invoices.


CyberBill electronic invoice is a comprehensive electronic invoicing solution, certified and encouraged for use by the General Department of Taxation, with many outstanding features.

Accounting/ Finance


BRAVO specializes in the in-depth development and implementation of information technology software applications for production and business management. BRAVO's strength lies in its understanding of accounting practices, the unique management characteristics of Vietnamese enterprises, and its experience in software deployment.


ezAccounting is designed with full features of a high-end managerial accounting software. Reverse management (Drill-down): Easily cross-check summary and detailed reports, quickly trace back to the original vouchers with simple operations.

Email Markteting


Sendgrid is an Email marketing software that provides a cloud-based Email solution, replacing traditional Email methods. Sendgrid ensures that the Emails you send won't end up in the recipient's Spam folder.

AKA ResponseSys

Also known as ResponseSys, it offers a comprehensive digital marketing solution on a unified platform. It simultaneously unlocks new possibilities with data-driven strategies to grow businesses and enhance online marketing performance on the open internet.

Intelligent Room Management System (RMS)


FIBARO Smart Home is an advanced smart home system with devices imported and manufactured 100% in Europe, offering exquisite luxury.


Lefa is a research, development, and production center for automation solutions and products under the IBS Group. Lefa has become a research and production center that includes both hardware and software, providing optimal automation solutions for buildings and industries.

Song Nam

Song Nam is one of the leading integrated technology companies in Automation, Electronics, and IoT with large-scale projects.

Smart Wifi


CONERA will drive Digital Transformation solutions to help customers adapt in the Connected Era. Simultaneously, it will focus on Crowd Analytics, Internet of Things & Automation, where Artificial Intelligence and Big Data play a pivotal role.


Unlike many other WiFi Marketing solutions that concentrate on intrusive advertising, VNWIFI focuses on supporting businesses and sees WiFi as a channel for store owners to care for and better understand their customers.



Elcom has gradually emerged as one of the leading companies in information technology solutions and telecommunications products and services. Elcom is currently a long-standing and reputable partner of major information technology and telecommunications conglomerates both domestically and internationally.


FPT Smart Home aims to bring a smart and modern living space suitable for all Vietnamese citizens. At the same time, they strive to become a leading developer of Smart Homes, not only within the country but also worldwide.


Samsung offers breakthrough displays, software solutions, and content management systems that ensure each stay is a convenient and profitable experience.

Smart Lock


SALTO Danalock V3 is a smart lock with a standard-compatible motor, allowing you to control your home's door and bring a smart home experience by connecting it to home automation platforms through standard protocols on the market.


Be-Tech provides high-quality electronic locks for the hotel industry through experience, knowledge, modern technology, and the best materials.


Vingcard is a door locking system manufactured by Assa Abloy. It is one of the most widely installed electronic door locks globally and is used in hotels, hospitals, office buildings, and other facilities.


Bonwin is listed among the top 10 famous brands in China in the field of hotel lock manufacturing. With 10,000 sets of wireless locks and 6,000 sets of hotel guestroom control systems produced monthly, Bonwin is committed to designing and manufacturing the highest quality products.


BTLock is a manufacturer of smart locks specializing in providing security products and solutions for doors and gates. They focus on developing modern smart lock technology, combining safety and convenience features.


Evernet Lock is known as a leading brand in the security accessory field, providing electronic locks for time attendance machines, access control systems, and security systems, such as latch locks, magnetic locks, bolt locks, auto door locks, automatic door locks, office access control locks, and more.


Hune has become one of the top three electronic lock manufacturers and the leading cabinet lock supplier in China. Hune can supply hotel door locks, keypad locks, fingerprint locks, code locks, keyless locks, and biometric locks to meet different requirements.

Orbita Lock

Orbita is a reputable hospitality product manufacturer. Orbita's product line includes hotel card locks, in-room safes, hotel minibars, touch screen switches, in-room hotel phones, key cabinets, and smart hotel room systems.


PHGLock is an Australian brand of smart/electronic locks, exclusively distributed in Southeast Asia. PHG Lock specializes in providing high-security and modern technology products and solutions to each customer.


The ProUSB Hotel Lock system is a simple RFID electronic card lock management system suitable for small, budget, and hotel chain properties, providing a full set of smart lock devices for hotels.


KAIMI smart door lock is a premium Vietnamese electronic lock brand, meticulously crafted with strict precision according to German standards. KAIMI focuses on research and development, producing fingerprint locks, sophisticated electronic locks, and modern products with the best quality.


Xeeder Technology Co., Ltd. was specially established to research smart card technology. The company focuses on low-cost and stable smart card technology in the field of unlocking solutions and access control systems.

Adel Lock

ADEL Corporation has its Research Center and Trading Center located in California (USA). It is a specialized and highly professional conglomerate in the field of high-end security equipment manufacturing. Its main products include fingerprint door locks, hotel door locks, fingerprint safes, and more.



EyeQ is a technology startup company developing AI, Computer Vision, and Deep Learning technologies to support the digital transformation process in various industries, including retail, advertising, banking, security, smart cities, and manufacturing.


ComQ Technology is a reputable business specialized in designing, assembling, and manufacturing touch-enabled information technology devices such as various types of kiosks, touchscreens, digital signage, video walls, along with solutions for automated queuing systems, wayfinding, digital signage, and more.

Face ID


EyeQ is a technology startup company that develops AI, Computer Vision, and Deep Learning technologies to support the digital transformation process in various industries, including retail, advertising, banking, security, smart cities, and factories.


The ATIN.Smartface face recognition system has the most advanced recognition algorithm currently available, capable of detecting and tracking multiple faces of moving individuals at various distances and angles.

Scan Passport


Plustek Inc. has become a global provider of imaging solutions through the design, manufacturing, and market delivery of various document scanning devices and intelligent process automation technologies that assist organizations in optimizing and enhancing their operations and business development.

Entrance Control / ACM / Gate Control


ZKTeco CO., LTD. (ZKTeco) is a leading international company specialized in advanced biometric recognition technology and provides intelligent entrance management products and solutions, intelligent identity authentication, and smart office solutions.


SUPREMA is a world-leading manufacturer of access control devices, security equipment, and biometric time attendance devices. SUPREMA is honored to be among the top 50 security equipment manufacturers globally, operating in over 130 countries and territories.


TIS (Technology Integration System) is a pioneering company in integrating smart technology solutions, creating utilities for both managers and users.

Smart Locker


Locker & Lock Group is the largest manufacturer and distributor of Lockers and Locks in the Southeast Asia region. Our products and solutions are widely applied in various fields. Currently, Locker & Lock has been and is accompanying thousands of customers and partners from all around the world.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


akaCRM is the Salesforce service distributor of the Strata Information Group. We provide comprehensive strategy, implementation, and management support for Salesforce®, Conga®, and leading ecosystem application providers.


Keeping up with global digital trends, Mobio was established to create a comprehensive CDP & CEM platform, helping businesses efficiently deploy marketing campaigns and optimize customer experiences.

Metasearch Engines

Google Travel

Google Travel is a travel planning tool developed by Google, utilizing the vast data repository of the company.


Tripadvisor is the largest travel platform in the world. Travelers can access Tripadvisor to compare hotel prices, flights, cruises, book tours, and popular tourist destinations, as well as make reservations at renowned restaurants. Currently, it is present in 49 markets with 28 languages.


Trivago is a meta-search engine focused on the hotel and travel industry. The website currently compares prices of over 730,700 hotels from 200 different booking websites such as Expedia, Booking.com, Hotels.com, and Priceline.com.

Hotels Combined

HotelsCombined, a unit of Booking Holdings, is a hotel search engine. The website operates in over 42 languages, handles 130 different currencies, and aggregates over 2 million deals from hundreds of travel websites and hotel chains.

Channel Manager


ezCms is a breakthrough solution for managing distribution channels for 3-5 star hotels, addressing the issues of decentralized management and manual room selling across various online channels.


SiteMinder Limited is a leading global hotel commerce platform, ranked among the pioneering entities in technology for expanding the online commercial access of every hotel.


STAAH Ltd. is a technology company headquartered in New Zealand specializing in channel management and cloud-based booking systems for accommodation providers, helping them maximize online revenue.

ezCms Leo

The ezCms Leo distribution channel management system maximizes revenue by efficiently integrating the sale of vacant rooms across 200+ OTA channels, resulting in up to a 35% increase in effectiveness.

Central Reservation System

Sabre SynXis CRS

SynXis Central Reservation System is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for rate management, inventory control, and reservations. Available in eight languages, it allows the application of unique distribution strategies, finely tuned to support your business objectives.


ezCrs is a centralized booking system that helps manage all hotel reservation information from various sources and room distribution channels, including B2C, B2B, and B2B2C.

Booking Engine


ezBe - An online room booking tool for Hotels/Agencies, turning your Website/Fanpage into the most effective sales channel and reducing reliance on OTAs.

Siteminder Booking Engine

SiteMinder's top-notch Booking Engine meets direct booking needs. Siteminder Booking Engine leverages the world's leading hotel commerce platform and is designed from the ground up to optimize every step in the direct hotel booking experience.

Sabre IBE

SynXis Central Reservation System is an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution for managing reservations, rates, and inventory. Available in eight languages, our CRS allows you to implement unique distribution strategies, tailored to support your business objectives.

Optimum Hotel Revenue Solutions

Optimum Hotel Revenue Solutions creates management and marketing software for hotels and travel agencies.


BookingDirection is an additional utility for hotel websites that can increase direct room bookings by up to tens of percentage points, saving commission fees for online travel companies (such as Booking.com, Expedia, etc.), and generating thousands of dollars in net revenue for each hotel every month.


eMarketingEye has evolved into one of the leading companies in the Asian region, internationally recognized for its expertise in providing comprehensive digital marketing solutions for the travel and hospitality industry. With over 1200 clients, including top hotel brands across 45 countries, eMarketingEye has established itself as a prominent player in the field.


Flip.to is the most reliable place to attract new customers. Increase direct bookings, build trustworthy brand connections, and expand the reach to travelers all around the world.

In1 Solutions

In1 Solutions is a pioneer in the advanced gift card technology market for retail and hospitality industries. Boost your revenue instantly with a powerful and reliable solution, ensuring compatibility for the future...


The Triptease platform is built to help hotels regain control of distribution and increase direct revenue. The platform identifies the most valuable customers and acts throughout the entire customer journey - from attraction to conversion - to ensure they book directly with the hotel.

Welman Technologies

Welman is a software development company that has been recognized for providing web-based application development services of any complexity to customers worldwide.

WHM Global

WHM Global is a leading hotel marketing company in London, formed from years of specialized expertise. We provide customized marketing solutions for our customers' global network in the hospitality industry.


As a pioneer and global technology leader, IDeaS provides leading revenue management solutions in the travel and hospitality industry for businesses worldwide. Data is transformed into clear and valuable insights, enabling customers to price, forecast, and report quickly and confidently, thereby enhancing business performance.

Global Distribution Systems (GDS)

ezCms GDS Sabre

SynXis Central Reservation System is an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution for managing reservations, rates, and inventory. Available in eight languages, our CRS allows you to implement unique distribution strategies, tailored to support your business objectives.


A complete ecosystem for travel connectivity, democratizing and simplifying the sourcing & distribution process.


Trip.com is an international private online travel company headquartered in Singapore. One of the world's largest online travel companies with over 400 million users worldwide.


OneInventory with the mission to Build and Provide Technology Platforms to expand the agencies, sales channels for Amusement Parks, Distribution Agents, Hotels.


Amadeus IT Group, SA is a major IT provider from Spain for the global travel and tourism industry. The company is structured around two areas: global distribution systems and IT business operations.


Galileo by Travelport is the world's leading company in the Global Distribution System (GDS) industry, serving for: Airline and travel information lookup; Booking, pricing, and ticketing for various airlines...


Worldspan is a provider of travel technology and content and is part of the Travelport GDS business operations. It offers global electronic distribution of travel information, Internet and connectivity products, and e-commerce capabilities for travel agencies, travel service providers, and corporations.

Point of Sales


Restaurant management solution that meets flexible requirements for pricing policies, discounts, and menus tailored to each branch. Integrating services for reception, revenue breakdown by each selling point.

Ticket System


ezTicket - Ticketing and Amusement Park Management System. This is a comprehensive solution to address all the issues of the amusement park.

Golf System


ezGolf - Golf Course Management Software following international standards. This is an exceptional operational solution that provides the best experience for every golfer.

ezCloud Channel Manager for Ticketing


Fulfill all your life's needs quickly, conveniently, and safely with the super app MoMo: Transfer money, Send savings, Fast loans, Book travel tickets, Buy movie tickets, Donate, and Shop and pay...


VNPAY is a modern technology application that pioneers in the field of electronic payments to build a diverse ecosystem of services and utilities, delivering superior service experiences to customers and partners.


ViettelPay is an online mobile payment application developed by the Viettel Military Industry and Telecoms Group. With the ViettelPay app, users can make monthly utility bill payments for electricity and water, top up their mobile phones, purchase flight tickets, pay for internet services, transfer money, and buy train tickets, among other features.


VTC Pay - VTC's Electronic Wallet and Payment Gateway, is a subsidiary of VTC Multimedia, a company operating in the fields of Electronic Payment and E-commerce. VTC Pay offers two main services: Electronic Wallet and Payment Gateway, providing users with various practical utilities.


VNPT Money provides simple, secure, and convenient cashless payment methods through Mobile Money, E-wallets, and Bank Accounts, catering to all daily payment needs and suitable for all customer demographics.



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