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Are you looking for a solution to manage your entire operating system?
Are you looking for an automated system to work while you're sleeping?
Are you looking for a way to avoid overbooking for hotels?
And you need to sell a room or apartment with optimal capacity?

This is how Villa & Apartment owners are solving their problems!


Director of Gold Ocean Nha Trang Hotel

ezCloud simplifies my life, you have built an automatic sales management system. With its two-way connectivity to more than 10 OTAs selling the hotel rooms, my workload was reduced by 60% !

Channel manager - ezCms

A tool for online room sales management. No need to visit tons of booking website to figure rooms information. Our software will make it all for you

Optimize room-selling capacity

Configure the sold rooms on each or all channels. Save the time spent for operational tasks. Compare your prices with other hotels

Automatic information connection

Synchronize hotel information to the software. Automatically open & close room-selling channels, close room sales by priority

Integrate the manage and online booking software

Integrate booking information from every sources: Website, OTAs, Facebook. Smart & automatic price modification Master Rate

Connect to over 200 online room-selling channels

Connect to over 200 OTAs. Advertise your Hotel/ Hostel/ Villa/ Apartment to more than 200 countries & territories

We are not just hotel management software

ezCloud offers a complete set of solutions for the needs of Villa & Apartment owners. We always strive to provide the tools that will help optimize Villa & Apartment management

Hotel management software

Manage via mobile application
Detailed reports helps decision-making
Cloud computing supports remote management
Smart lock integration. Get a better overview of all your hotel activities

Website Design and Booking Engine

Professional design, modern, easy to use
Smart, automatic booking engine
Integrate with hotel management software
Automatic confirmation via email, SMS

Distribution channel management software

Connect to more than 100 online sales channels
two-way & continuously update room information
Optimize the room selling-capacity, increase revenue
Automatic operations, save up to 25 hours/ week

Hotel management software - ezCloudhotel

An efficient tool that is simple, easy to use? ezCloudhotel is exactly what you need
ezCloudhotel is developed for administrators who like simplicity
    • Convenience - Easy to use
      Simple, practical, easy to use
    • Modern - Optimal
      Advanced technology cloud computing
    • Automatic - Smart
      Smart lock connection, loss control, phone application
    • Economical - Effective
      Super cost-saving, only 9000 VND / room / month
    • Devoted - Enthusiastic
      Online chat support 24/7

Hotel management software - ezFolio

Manage hotel services such as Spa, Bar, Cafe. Do not want to use a lot of discrete software? Do not want to connect? ezFolio is what you need

Full range of hotel services, control your hotel wherever you are

Flexible user authorization, detailed operation logs

Remotely manage via Internet connected device, save infrastructure cost

Detailed reporting system, instant on management demand

Always support 24/7, save human costs

Website design integrates booking - ezWeb

An option to increase revenue from direct booking. Website becomes a tool to convert visitors into guest bookings. Booking Engine supports all types of booking: single room, bed or dormitory
Manage and analyse visitor statistics, optimize digital marketing costs
Increase revenue from direct booking, reduce commission costs
Meet the standard design of SEO, display on multiple monitors
Gather customer information to cross-sell other services
Integrate online payment, instant confirmation via email, SMS
support bookings on hotel website, link directly to the software

There are many other advanced features that simplify your management

No initial investment, Flexible payment over time

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