ezInvoice - Centralized Electronic Invoice Gateway

Helps customers save costs in issuing, storing, and transporting invoices conveniently. The system facilitates the immediate generation of invoices at the point of sale according to tax authorities' requirements

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The continuous system helps facilitate easy management of electronic invoices
Cost and Space Savings for Hotels
Preventing fake invoices
The centralized Electronic Invoice Gateway - ezInvoice

Help hotels save costs, store, and conveniently transport invoices

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Frequently Asked Questions
Here is a list of questions you may be interested in. Please call the hotline if you need assistance:

  • Business - Northern & Central Regions: 0983 039 419

  • Business - Southern Region: 0904 171 080

  • Technical Support: 1900 6159

1. What is ezInvoice?

ezInvoice is a centralized Electronic Invoice Gateway that integrates with most electronic invoice service providers such as Vnpt, Viettel, FPT, CMC, M-Invoice, catering to all customer integration needs.

2. What benefits does the integration of electronic invoices (ezInvoice) into the ezFolio software provide?
  • The option to choose from 20+ available electronic invoice templates or design custom invoices according to requirements.
  • Sending information, managing sending, and confirming electronic invoices to customers via email, SMS.
  • Integrating data transmission with accounting software systems and other available software at the hotel.
3. Regulations of the Government and State on the use of electronic invoices
  • Phase 1: Starting from the date the General Department of Taxation officially announces the Electronic Invoice Program with the tax authority code initiated from the cash register (expected to be announced on December 15, 2022), until the end of March 2023, the Tax Department will focus on implementing electronic invoices for 100% of businesses and business households in the group that can implement e-invoices initiated from the cash register, according to the list reported by the General Department of Taxation (as stated in Official Dispatch No. 3169/TCT-DNNCN dated August 26, 2022, sent to 6 provinces and cities for implementing Phase 1 of e-invoice and Official Dispatch No. 3170/TCT-DNNCN dated August 26, 2022, sent to 57 provinces and cities for implementing Phase 2 of e-invoice).
  • Subsequent phases: Starting from April 1, 2023, the Tax Department will proactively compile a list and organize implementation in the local areas for the remaining businesses and business households, and report the results to the General Department of Taxation.
4. Will I receive technical support during the usage process?

The dedicated and experienced technical team at ezCloud is always ready to provide assistance to customers in resolving any issues or answering any questions promptly and effectively. This ensures that customers can use the system easily and achieve success in their business endeavors.

5. What devices and operating systems can the software be used on?

The software can be used on both the Windows and MacOS operating systems.

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