ezPayment - Integrated Payment Center

ezPayment - The payment center that connects with all popular payment gateways in the Vietnam

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Simplify and automate your payment processes - seamlessly integrated with the ezCloud hotel platform

Streamline Operations

Save time and reduce manual entry errors with centralized payment and transaction management on a single platform

Automated Transactions

Enable online booking automation, such as authorizations, deposits, or advance payments

Terminal Devices

Add optional state-of-the-art terminal devices, allowing you to process all types of card payments

24/7 Support

Dedicated and professional support team available to provide attentive assistance, prevent fraud, and promptly resolve any issues

New Payment Method
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Optimized Operations
Comprehensive Business Insights
High Security and Reliability
ezPayment - Integrated Payment Center

ezPayment is an integrated payment center that works with popular payment gateways in the Vietnamese market

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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some questions that you might find interesting. If you need any help, feel free to reach out to our hotline:

  • Business Support in the North & Central Region: 0983 039 419

  • Business Support in the South: 0904 171 080

  • Technical Support: 1900 6159
1. What is ezPayment?

ezPayment is a payment gateway that connects hotel management system with popular payment gateways in the Vietnam such as VNPAY, Momo, ViettelMoney, VNPT Pay, VTC Pay, and more.

2. How long is the software trial period?

You will have a 7-day free trial with full basic features and dedicated guidance and support from our consultants.

3. Does the software support mobile viewing?

The software currently supports installation and monitoring on mobile devices. With this feature, administrators can easily manage and oversee operations remotely, anytime and anywhere.


4. Will I receive technical support during the usage?

The dedicated and experienced technical team of ezCloud is always ready to provide fast and effective support to handle any issues or answer any questions you may have during the usage. This ensures that customers can use the software easily and achieve success in their business.


5. Which devices and operating systems can the software be used on?

The software can be used on both Windows and MacOS operating systems.


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