9 Homestay và Hostel Hà Giang được yêu thích nhất

9 Homestay và Hostel Hà Giang được yêu thích nhất

Because of the majestic beauty of nature and ethnic special culture, Ha Giang becoming a destination with more and more travellers to come every year. Knowing that advantage, Ha Giang people build up Homestays and Hostels to develop their hometown. Do not forget to acknowledge about  All You Should Know as Travelling to Ha Giang. In this article would like to share with you 9 favorite Homestay and Hostel in Ha Giang.


1. Maison Teahouse Homestay

Maison Teahouse Homestay

Maison Teahouse Homestay

Cozy private space and wide sharing space with garden, bar lounge, Food service and renting motobikes service. This Homestay serves good accommondation to travellers. There are room available for groups of few people, Bungalows for groups having big amout of people and dorm. Maison Teahouse Homestay only 2km away from centre of Ha Giang city, which is very convenient for you.

Address: No 441, 20th of august street, Phuong Do – Ha Giang.

2. Mr. Thang Homestay

Mr. Thang Homestay

Mr. Thang Homestay

Located in Quan Ba province, Mr. Thang Homestay is known as a homestay where the host are hospitality and dedicated. Tasty food and beautiful scene, travellers like this place a lot. Rooms for group of few people, groups having big amount of people and even family room are available there. Finding somewhere to rest in Quan Ba? This homestay is ideal for you.

Address: Nam Dam, Quan Ba, Ha Giang.

3. Little Yen’s Homestay

Little Yen's Homestay

Little Yen’s Homestay

This Homestay is famous for a very friendly host. Little Yen’s Homestay also serve food, if you want to make more friends you can sign in for a family dinner. There are available rooms for couples, groups with few or big amount of people.

Address: Lo Lo village, Meo Vac, Ha Giang.

4. Homestay Bongbang

Homestay Bongbang

 Homestay Bongbang

Built with color tone of brown and yellow, this Homestay is designed simply but liberal. Homestay Bongbang has amenities such as stoven, toaster and restaurant serves food & drinks. The host is very friendly and helpful, which is why this Homestay have affection from the guests.

Adress: Na Ma, Yen Minh, Ha Giang.


Differences between Homestay and Hostel is Homestays allow guests to stay with the host, which help them know more about the local culture. Guests should respect the customs of local people as they rent a Homestay. Hostels create a separate space for guests to discover new things of the region. Each has a special feature, it depends on which way you like to have the best experiences.

5. NoMadders Hostel

NoMadders Hostel

NoMadders Hostel

Included outdoor Pool, bar lounge, food service and clean rooms. NoMadders Hostel is an amazing choice for you. Being among northwest jungle and enjoy a closely-to-nature space brings you good mood. Besides, you can also go hiking the jungle nears this hostel.

Address: Xuan Thuy, Ha Giang.

6. Golden Jungle House

Golden Jungle House

Golden Jungle House

Located near centre of Ha Giang town, Golden Jungle House is convenient for you to stay right after you arrive to Ha Giang. Designed with wide sharing space, second floor for renting rooms, down stair for bar. Golden Jungle House serves buffet, American breakfast and allow guests to cook. You can rent motobikes there. Like the name itself, guests have interesting experiences exploring the jungle nears the Hostel.

Address: 39B Hai Ba Trung, Nguyen Trai, Lang Me, Ha Giang.

7. Hoang Su Phi Lodge

Hoang Su Phi Lodge

Hoang Su Phi Lodge

Lying between terraced fields and the Vietnam northeast Jungle, Hoang Su Phi Lodge is an ideal place for you to rest. The asmosphere there is so fresh and peaceful to commune with nature.Massage service by the staff is amazing.Hoang Su Phi Lodge was build up by wood and bamboo making this Hostel a stunning cozy place.

Inside Hoang Su Phi Lodge's room

Inside Hoang Su Phi Lodge’s room

Address: Nam Hong village, Thong Nguyen, Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang.

8. Ha Giang Backpackers Hostel

Ha Giang Backpackers Hostel

Ha Giang Backpackers Hostel

Ha Giang Backpackers Hostel attracts a lot of travellers to come. They have bar lounge and sharing space dedigned originaly. This Hostel lies near the centre of Ha Giang town and all rooms have balcony with river view. Moreover, Ha Giang Backpackers Hostel has motobikes for rent and serves optional breakfast. Another plus mark for this hostel is the good price.

Address: No 1  Nguyen Thai Hoc, Minh Khai, Ha Giang.

9. Ha Giang Riverside Hostel and Tour

Ha Giang Riverside Hostel and Tour

Ha Giang Riverside Hostel and Tour

Staying in Ha Giang Riverside Hostel and Tour, guests are so interested with the sharing space near the river with a billard table. This Hostel also provide Tour with motobikes & cars renting service, maps and route are set for travellers. You would be so comfortable as being in such an airy place with dedicated serve.

Above are 9 Favorite Homestay and Hostel in Ha Giang. Before going there, please booking the room on the online booking websites. 

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