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[:vi]ezFolio giúp bạn lưu trữ thông tin khách hàng đầy đủ và an toàn[:en]The customer info is collected and analysed to provide hotel managers with a broad view: by: gender, nationality, time, payment degree, habit. [:]

Hotel management software ezFolio will help you

Store customer information

All hotel customer information will be stored in management system of ezFolio: information such as name, age, nationality, duration of use, etc.

Centrally managed information makes it easy to be exploited. The system allows user to export to various formats serving the purpose of marketing and customer care.


Detailed analytical reports

In addition to information storage, ezFolio can provide customer reports for each criterion available upon request from the user such as time, age, name, price, etc.

We support analytical reports by nationality, source of customer and market, which helps hotel managers to develop appropriate business and marketing strategies.


Advertising campaign supports

Storing and exporting customer information in certain criteria will help hotels to acquire a high-quality list of customers.

The list can be used for email marketing or creating customer VIP cards.


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