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on the day 08/03/2012, the software company has released version hotel management software, high-end resorts Folio 2012 new on the latest technology platform, focused towards multiple connections, manage bananas hotels tick with mobile devices, putting multiple applications on the internet, and huond to connect directly with the banking system in the country as well as internationally to conduct electronic payment transactions, online.

Vietnam travel magazines have discussions with Mr. Bui Duc, Director of Marketing company hotel management software ezFolio

1. Most of the software in Vietnam hotels today are built on older technology platforms. Can you tell us a few highlights on the new technology platform that companies use?

First, the old technology platform not towards the internet, not integrated with mobile devices, unstable and difficult to upgrade. Moreover, this is the time you should consider Folio 2012 by the trend in the world is a new proactive technology.

Please answer some of my questions, you will have a fairly complete answer about Folio 2012.

– If you are the boss or manager, you may want to just have a relaxing vacation with family in Singapore has managed the hotel system in Vietnam?

– Do you want to spend the same amount of time used to double it?

– Do you want to manage a hotel chain in the same system?

– Do you want to see the report, revenue, operational status of the hotel with a mobile phone?

– Do you want your data is protected and secure at the highest level it?

– Do you want your customers the ease of booking over the internet and simplify the online payment is not?

If all the above questions, you have answered “yes”, it is the outstanding utility company Folio 2012 built on the latest technology platform in the world.

2. For the hotel has long operation, and of course, a significant amount of old data storage and processing needed. So to deploy the software on the new technology of the old data Folio hotel will handle how?

Do not be too worried by the company hotel management software will support ezfolio convert data from the old to the new data according to the current data of the business that you are holding.

3. However, customers are still very disturbed with hardware devices are used. Does there have to replace them to deploy new technology or not?

Absolutely not. Because the data and complex transactions are processed entirely on the server. So other hardware devices are not affected.

4. Currently, most of the hotel, the resort is facing financial difficulties due to the economic crisis. Hotel policies difficult anything to share the same business?

Hotels recently launched two new service packages:

+ First: Rental Software by month, 3 months, 6 months. Very suitable for business for the first time using the software or replace the software, is also very suitable for hotels, resorts business is seasonal (summer peak 3-4 months)

+ Second: Hotels offer deferred sales package. Customers pay multiple times without having to pay credit interest.

Both forms on customers only have to spend a very low initial cost but still enjoy the whole policy of customer care and support from the vendor.

5. And finally, the way to approach Folio?

Folio software developed by the company hotel management software ezFolio only way you 1-click.

Contact Hotline: 0904-17-1080

Thank you for the discussion.

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