Điểm danh top 15 khởi nghiệp Châu Á tham sự Seedstars World 2015

Điểm danh top 15 khởi nghiệp Châu Á tham sự Seedstars World 2015

As it has been reported, in March, 2016, ezCloud Global JSC is the Vietnams’ representative to attend the Seedstars World conference, which is for startup enterprises all over the world in Swiss. in the vocational orientation conference organized by the HATCH!FAIR in November, ezCloud company has won and become the Vietnam’s representative to attend the SeedstarWorld vocational orientation conference in Swiss in March. in the conference, ezCLoud company will continue presenting the overall solution to the hotel management, including the hotel management system ezFolio, booking engine + online booking system, and channel manager.

Companies from different countries will also attend the conference with topics such as:

Cool Tech:

Smart X Lab Ltd from Taiwan – Provides a turn-key internet of things solution, centered around a proprietary technology in massive mesh networks.

Revolutionising HR & Remittences:

 from China – Bitcoin-backed cross border commerce payments between China and Latam

Talkpush from Hong Kong – Accelerates the sourcing and screening of talent for high volume recruiters.

Hot apps:
from India – Helps email power users, research people inside their Gmail app on mobile (Rapportive for Mobile)

Humac Lab Ltd. from Bangladesh – Their ‘Madviser’ App helps users to avoid extra mobile bills. It helps them to find the best plans and offers suitable to his behavior.

from Thailand – Is a platform for medical tourists to connect with a doctor abroad they can trust.

doctHERs from Pakistan – Is a novel healthcare marketplace that connects female doctors to millions of underserved patients in real-time.

ProSehat from Indonesia – An online marketplace to helps health consumers conveniently find & buy original drugs with ePrescription and auto refill subs.

 from South Korea – Helps language learners practice communication via chat without needing to search for a language partner.

Monetisation, Content, meals & hotel management
 from Malaysia – Frustrated updating profiles on excel and manually tracking content performance of creators? They do it for you!

Couper from Singapore – Is a platform that help mobile apps sell more with an in-app purchases marketplace and mini-game reward ads.
 from Vietnam – The total solution for hotel management which integrates PMS, Channel Manager and Website Booking together.

GoodMealHuntingfrom the Philippines – An online food marketplace connecting home cooks and companies.

We hope that, with the quality product concerning the hotel management software, ezCloud will be successful in SeedstarWorld in Swiss.



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