Bringing together ezCloudhotel’s new features in November


This November, to meet the needs of customers and increase the professionalism of software ezCloudhotel introduced to customers the following new features:
Email marketing:
Allows to send email confirm, checkin and checkout automatically to guests. With the rapid development of the internet and e-commerce, email marketing has become an effective advertising tool for the hotel with low cost and is one of the tools contributing to the strategy. Effective marketing for the hotel. However, many hotels have a problem, which can send mail to each customer through email accounts that the hotel selected but not create a concurrent campaign. With the list of thousands of customers, sending mail to each other is not feasible. Based on this difficulty, ezCloudhotel has launched the “Email Marketing” feature for hotels on the software, helping the hotel to automatically create email campaigns, send promotional emails, celebrate, congratulate, … to each other. customers automatically.

Allows configuration off noshow
The system will not add more money when guests checkin late than the time of booking.
Allows the retailer to edit the price
During the reception process, the price can be adjusted incorrectly or guests may have a different time frame, so this feature allows the hotel to adjust prices flexibly and only allow managers or hotel owners to adjust. this part.
Log Transfer Booked Room
The book room when moving to another room is still logs saved to avoid the case later asked guests to move the room by someone else.
Paging in payment management
Helps you with all employee day-to-day payments.
Additional system fields in the registration card
Note, Booking number, Total price note, show booking code and total amount on registration card form.
Add RoomPrice field in Room Revenue Paid
Show room rates in the revenue report to help you know the price of one day for that room, not show each sum as before.
Modify the Referral Program interface
ezCloudhotel revises the referral interface to meet the aesthetic needs of its customers so that the referral interface is better.
We hope that with these new features, ezCloudhotel can provide maximum support for hotel staff and managers in overall hotel management, making hotel management easy. more than ever.

A good management software is the key to your hotel success!

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