Baogiay.vneconomy.vn: Promote eco-startup business

Ngày 19/07/2018 12:18:30

The second phase of the Vietnam-Finland Innovation Partnership Program (IPP2) is considered one of the “pioneers” in promoting the formation and development of an innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem in Vietnam. Here sow seeds and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit and start the creative business, to promote the establishment of Vietnam’s fast-growing creative business force, towards the economy based on innovation and sustainable development steady.

IPP2 held its IPP Grand Harvest Day event in Hanoi last week for a total of four years (2014 – 2018). IPP was co-financed by the Government of Finland and Vietnam through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Finland and Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology with a budget of 11 million Euros. This is a pioneering ODA pilot program in Vietnam, a new model in support of policy formulation, training and capacity building, and support for innovative start-ups. After 4 years of operation, IPP2 took wing for many Startup Vietnam to reach the global market.

Step by step “Go Global”

With the dream of applying knowledge learned in school to create products of Vietnamese, for Vietnamese and can sell in foreign countries. In 2013, 6 young men from the University of Technology, Hanoi National University put off the unfinished work, established ezCloud. So far, ezCloud has been hailed as one of the best hotel management solutions based on cloud computing.

With ezCloud, you learn the hardships and breakthroughs of a startup technology business after receiving an IPP companion through the article “Pioneering the Startup Ecosystem – IPP2 Brings Startup Free to conquer the international arena”.

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