ezBi - Multidimensional Analytical Reporting System

ezBi is an all in one reporting solution that provide great insights into the operation of properties, amusement parks, golf courses,... with international standard reports

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Integration and multidimensional data analysis
Great convenience and accessibility
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Property Management Report
Amusement park management report
Son Tien ezticket
Báo cáo trực quan ezGolf
Golf course management report

Management Reporting System Solution - ezB

đồng bộ dữ liệu ezbi

Fast data synchronization and accessibility

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Cakewalk business management

ezbi báo cáo trực quan

Intuitive reporting system

The ezBi management reporting system

A comprehensive solution for monitoring and effectively controlling business operations, providing a full range of internationally standardized management reports

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some questions that you might find interesting. If you need any help, feel free to reach out to our hotline:

  • Business Support in the North & Central Region: 0983 039 419

  • Business Support in the South: 0904 171 080

  • Technical Support: 1900 6159
1. What is ezBi?

ezBi is a comprehensive reporting system for managing business operations in hotels, hotel chains, resorts and similar establishments. It offers industry-standard reports such as ADR (Average Daily Rate), TrevPAR (Total Revenue per Available Room), RevPAR (Revenue per Available Room),…

2. What are the benefits of the ezCloud management reporting system?
  • CENTRALIZED DATA OWNERSHIP: The foremost and most important goal of ezCloud is to help customers successfully build a centralized data system, which serves as a crucial platform for analyzing and making precise business decisions.
  • BUSINESS MONITORING: ezBi helps businesses leverage indicators tailored to each business specific needs through reporting system. This enables businesses to gain an visually represented overview of their current operations, empowering leaders to regularly monitor all their organizations activities.
  • MULTIDIMENSIONAL BUSINESS PERSEPECTIVES: ezBI reporting system aims to assists businesses to make crucial decision and detailed forecast with ease
3. What are the differences of ezBi management reporting system?

The ezBi management reporting system is exceptional because it offers an overview of operation for hotel/hotel chains. What makes it even better is that managers can conveniently access and control the system through their mobile with real time update. Synchronized data system is a huge advantage that save hotels significant operating cost.

4. Will I receive technical support during the usage process?

The dedicated technical team at ezCloud, with their wealth of experience, is always ready to provide prompt and effective assistance to customers in handling any issues or answering any questions that may arise during the usage process. This ensures that customers can use the services easily and achieve success in their business endeavors.

5. Which devices and operating systems can the software be used on?

The software can be used on both Windows and MacOS operating systems.

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