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With the vigorous growth in size and personnel, on May 19, 2018, ezCloud Technology Company Limited, Hanoi Branch officially moved its office to the new address: 8th Floor LADECO Building, 266 Doi Can Street, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.

With an area of three times the size of the old office on the 11th floor, the new office on the 8th floor gives employees a larger, more space, especially with the greenery system around the office. The feeling is cool, the most pleasant is in the hot summer time is coming.
In the new office, the campus is divided into three zones, including one main living area, one technical staff area, and one department room. Besides, the number of meeting rooms also increased from 01 meeting room to 03 meeting rooms to serve the needs of demo and training customers better. In addition, the development of personal needs of employees is also of concern to the Board, so there was a “Pantry” area for food to staff members with shimmering views. Private rooms for CEOs, Founders are also clearly demarcated to create privacy and seriousness but still friendly between “boss” and “staff”.
There are many interesting things in the new office of ezCloud, we are looking forward to inviting all customers and partners to visit the new office to share the green space of a technology company is reaching. international level.
Here are some pictures of ezCloud’s new office:


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