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The first seminar in the series of Debate in Tourism was held at KisStartup (P209, 18T1 Building, Le Van Luong, Cau Giay, Hanoi). The content of the panel focuses on the technology startup for tourism, the difficulties and shared experiences.

Dang Thanh Trung – Creative Director of EZCloud – A technology company for the hospitality industry has shared the experience of a former employee and the motivation and vision of the whole team for developing a restaurant. Startup business The business development depends very much on the vision of the business from the beginning (for example, he is the standard product of the four-star hotel before, when the product in this segment. Stable, new product development research in the lower segment). Team problems in the startup, customer identification and business model are also mentioned by Trung with many useful sharing with you.

Also in the talk, Ms. Nguyen Dang Tuan Minh of KisStartup also helps you answer some questions related to when it is appropriate to meet investors, sources can mobilize capital startup and special The Young Hotelier Awards are part of the Innovation Land of Tourism project between KisStartup and Hospitality
Come to the talk, many of your questions revolve around the reasons for failure to succeed in different markets, ideas in the travel industry need to find co-founder. Most engaging is the critique of ideas by testing the market of two ideas in the field brought by the participants themselves. Especially, thank you all young people have come to KisStartup to discuss very, very open discussion about start-up innovation in tourism, tourism market. The ILT-Innovation Land of Tourism project continues with many start-up events in travel, so follow KisStartup for the latest information.
Here are some important links for you:
About KisStartup:
http://www.kisstartup.com / https://www.facebook.com/kisstartup
KisStartup Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kisstartupcommunity
Starting mentor at KisStartup: http://www.covankhoinghiep.com
About the Innovation Land of Tourism project:
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