ezCloud tham gia sự kiện IPP Grand Harvest Day


EzCloud will attend the IPP Grand Harvest Day held by IPP at JW Marriott Hotel, 8 Do Duc Duc, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi. This will be the largest IPP event to date with the participation of about 300 delegates representing most of the ecosystems (government, investors, supporters, businesses). large, startup businesses, professionals, universities, etc.) are former IPP members or have participated in IPP activities. This will also be a goodbye before the project officially ends in October 2018.
ezCloud tham gia IPP
The Vietnam-Finland Innovation Partnership Program, Phase 2 (IPP2) is an official development assistance (ODA) program jointly funded by the Government of Viet Nam and the Finnish Government since 2014. to 2018 with a total budget of € 11 million. IPP supports Vietnam to achieve its goal of becoming a knowledge economy pioneered by innovation. The goal of the IPP is to promote sustainable economic development by supporting the replication of innovative activities, improving the quality of university education, and funding innovative start-ups. Highly integrated, and connecting Vietnam with global business opportunities.
IPP’s long-term goals are to support economic development and innovation in Vietnam. IPP cooperates with many important national and international partners to expand the scope of actual training activities on innovation and start-up in Vietnam as well as improve programs and support mechanisms. locally for new creative enterprises. The IPP also links the components of the start-up eco-system to build a solid foundation for the next generation of Vietnamese entrepreneurs, while promoting cooperation on innovation and entrepreneurship. South with countries, especially with Finland.
2018 will be the final year of the Vietnam-Finland Innovation Partnership Program Phase 2 (IPP), which is also the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Vietnam. Lan. Looking back at the results we have achieved together, we appreciate the contributions of the ecosystems to the success of the project, promoting new initiatives even after the project is over, IPP will hold the IPP Grand Harvest Day in early July in Hanoi.


EzCloud was voted one of the top 15 startups in Asia by 2015 and received a $ 120,000 investment in 12 months from the Microsoft Azure Cloud server system. Without stopping there with unrelenting efforts, ezCloud continues to receive good news when it receives funding from IPP2 in 2016.
Following a rigorous evaluation of the 22 projects that received initial funding in 2015, IPP2 has selected seven of the best projects, including five innovative start-ups, two innovative ones. Development of start-up support system to continue funding and upgrading. EzCloud is also very proud to be in the top 5 fastest-growing startups, receiving a € 100,000 / € 2 phase 2 funding from IPP2.
Over the many difficulties, ezCloud has achieved remarkable success, the leadership and ezCloud staff not only try to improve and develop their products better but also contribute a little strength of their own. In helping the younger generation of Vietnamese people have confidence and joy in the path of creativity and start-up, finding new start-ups. The presence of ezCloud at this IPP event is a testimony to ezCloud’s ongoing efforts to develop ezCloud and this is also an opportunity for ezCloud and its attendees to be heard and be sedated. listen, identify the current challenges and discuss the future of the ecosystem.
This event will be held at 8h30, July 6, 2018 at JW Marriott Hotel, 8 Do Duc Duc, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi and ezCloud Livestream on ezCloud’s Fanpage. Everyone please welcome!

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