ezCloud – TOP 10 doanh nghiệp triển vọng Startup Festival 2016

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Last week, ezCloud pleased to receive information from the Startup Festival 2016 is one of 10 companies were nominated to the finals of Aspiration Award for pioneering category Debut of the Year potential.
29/12 to date, Congress startup (Startup Festival in 2016) for the first time will be held at the Youth Academy of Vietnam, with the participation of the startup community in various fields, the entrepreneur of the year worth 1 billion will also be awarded at the event.
The event was organized with the aim to bring community entrepreneurship open forum to connect and exchange lessons on entrepreneurship from the fall, his moves or the strong challenge of the hurdles entrepreneurs success. From that inspiration, positive energy transfer to the community to work together to boost startups for 2017 much more impressive milestone.
According to organizers, the event recognized the concern and the expected presence of Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, Minister of Science and Technology Chu Ngoc Anh, Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Dang Huy Dong, representatives Vietnam television director and representatives of more than 1,000 elite business community of Vietnam youth entrepreneurship.
The list of nominating entrepreneur of the year – by pioneers aspiration Organizing Committee announced:
Entrepreneur of the year category: DesignBold, Elsa Speak, Gotlt !, Monkey Junior, OnonPay.
Potential start-up items: 1Office, BigSchool, Cyradar, EZCloud, Fastsell, Giaohangnhanh, Infore, VP9, Vexere, Wefit.
Women entrepreneurship category: Vu Nguyet Anh (Rudicaf), Nguyen Thi Mai Huong (Colored pencils – Color Pencils), Hoang Minh Nhat (Bread Minh Nhat – TOSS), Vu Nguyen Thuy Van (KiotViet), Le Hoang Uyen Vy (Adayroi).
Entrepreneurship category event of the year: entrepreneurship Community proposals amending the Penal Code 292, Mobile day in 2016, TechFest 2016.
Startup items Favourite: 1Office, BigSchool, Cyradar, DesignBold, Dobody, Elsa Speak, EZCloud, Fastsell, Giaohangnhanh, Gotlt !, InfoRe, Monkey Junior, OnonPay, Rudicaf, VP9, ViCare, Vexere, Wefit, VinaGroups, Websosanh.

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