ezCloud với Cafe khởi nghiệp trên VTV1 – Giải pháp tổng thể cho quản lý khách sạn!

cafe khoi nghiep

May 29, ezCloud appeared on Startup Coffee program of VTV1 channel. Startup Coffee is a television program introducing Vietnam startup. This program is for the young who has passion and want to share their ideas to community.
Hotel market increasingly develops 15,2% per year and has 70% small and medium hotel. With developing of tecnology, hotel owners is looking for hotel management software to manage easier. To solve hotel demands, hotel management software of ezCloud company is being believed by hotel owners.

In this program, CEO Nguyen Hoang Duong introduced  hotel management software trend from extended hotel to small hotel. He presented reasons why hotel owners choose ezCloud company’s software such as: saving cost, Vietnamese for Vietnam market, easy infrastructure, …
To be the first management solution hotel based on Cloud-based, ezCloud hope our product could help managing hotel to be easier and effective.

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