ezCloud với những hoạt động đầu xuân 2018

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In the fresh air of spring morning, February 21, 1818 (6th year of Lunar New Year), ezCloud had a spring session at the office. Everyone gathered together well, good wishes each other good wishes, started a year working with many luck, success with many new projects.


Here, the CEO and the founders have a very dramatic opening champagne to celebrate the New Year all employees health, happiness, excellent completion of the task, the task in 2018. The same day All the staffs were present at Trung Dang’s home for the Tet holiday, new home visits (bought from the year) and a banquet at a luxury restaurant nearby.


Going to the temple in the beginning of the year is an indispensable activity of every citizen in the coming Tet, spring. This custom has become a cultural virtuosity in every Vietnamese life. Therefore, in parallel with the spring activities, leaders and employees of the company also have activities for the temple. In particular, today CEO Ho Chi Minh also went to Phuoc Hai Pagoda – a pagoda visited by President Barack Obama.


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