Những điều bạn chưa biết về nghề lễ tân khách sạn

Not only know all the information, do everything the customer requires, hotel reception must always keep the attitude of courtesy, fresh, despite the unreasonable demands from customers.

The work of the receptionists is a whole process: Reservations, tickets, ensure warm bath water …

A hotel receptionist’s day like a spinning wheel does not stop at all. You must always be ready for any questions, because you can ask any question. You can not predict what will happen in the day. Everything goes on: Set up a restaurant, buy movie tickets, make a tour, send people to pick up things at a shopping center, or rent a car.

Have a desirable relationship network

Stores and restaurants always want us to lead customers, so they often come and talk about business. In this way, we have contacts. Want an unlocked iPhone 6 in a few hours? Too simple, because I have an Apple store and an electronics dealer.

There are things that make others jealous

All the famous restaurants invite us to try the service experience there. I visit each store and rely on my own experience to suggest to guests. In addition, many designers, spas also find ways to “contact” us. Thus, the task of the receptionist is to consider which destinations are worth recommending to their guests.

Seriously give suggestions for guests

However, sometimes I do not want to go to restaurants where they know me as a receptionist, because all services will be perfect. I would rather spend some money to have the best experience, convenient for evaluation and referrals for later.

Discuss the customer and save their information

The receptionist must know his customers well. Through staff meetings, we chat with each other and record the preferences of each guest. We have a system to store all the information about hobbies and interests of customers, to know exactly what to serve and how.

Could fall into a bad situation bad laugh

Usually, customers present credit cards and we swipe cards in front of them to prove that everything has been paid. But I remember one time, one of my employees had to spend $ 800 to pay for tickets to Broadway theaters, because the tickets were booked, but then they said no. Meanwhile, the receptionist bought the ticket without asking the customer to sign the payment slip. That’s why he has to pay his pocket money.

There are support staff but ….

Even though there are support staff who run around to pick up things when needed, but sometimes the receptionist has to run back and forth.
For example, if you have a sick guest “leg run” is not present, then I have to make a pharmacy. A few years ago, a pregnant guest. She was very cold but did not want to buy a jacket, because she was about to leave the hotel. So I enlisted the lunch break through the house to get her borrowed his jacket.

Most receptionists received their thanks

Most guests appreciate what the receptionists do for them. Evidence is that we often receive gifts instead of thankfulness when they leave the hotel, even at the end of the year. Therefore, we always try to serve all of us, because when the customer is satisfied, the reception itself is extremely happy.
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