Quản lý đa dịch vụ

[:vi]Phần mềm ezFolio cung cấp đầy đủ các tính năng quản lý dịch vụ trong khách sạn như : Nhà hàng, Bar - Karaoke, Spa - Massage, Gym - Bể bơi, Golf và các dịch vụ phát sinh đặc thù theo từng khách sạn. [:en]ezFolio serves a wide range of service management functions such as: Restaurant, Bar – Karaoke, Spa – Massage, Gym – Swimming Pool, Golf and other particular services. [:]

Manage all services provided in the hotel

In addition to the hotel management, ezFolio allows you to manage restaurants, Spa-Massage, Cafe-Bar, Golf, Billiard, Karaoke and Gymnasium … You do not have to find different softwares for services included in your hotel. These features are all integrated in a comprehensive solution for hotel. Hotel managers can view revenue reports for each service or for the whole hotel.

Customization for any speciality of the hotel

Each hotel can adjust the software in accordance with its own management service. ezFolio allows you to add or remove features as desired by the hotel owner.

We are ready to tailor the software based on specific requirements of hotels to meet the needs of management.


Sync with hotel management software

Centralized management via one tool is the strength of ezFolio. The customer list will be retrieved from the hotel guest list by synchronizing multi-service management with hotel software.

All functions are integrated in one system, all data will be recorded once and be used throughout the system.


Save business costs

Rather than investing in multiple vendors providing different management softwares and service, investing in ezFolio will save you up to 50% of operating costs.

Instead of using people to operate manually, with ezFolio software, the system will run automatically.


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