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[:vi] Hệ thống đáp ứng đầy đủ các tính năng quản lý đặt phòng khách lẻ, đặt phòng đoàn, phân phối bán phòng theo từng kênh theo kế hoạch, tích hợp hai chiều các thông tin đặt phòng từ hơn 100 kênh Online. [:en] The system can meet your hotel’s need for single reservation, group reservation, room allocation according to sales plan. What’s more, ezFolio has two-way integaration with channel manager for selling rooms in 100 online channels. [:]

With ezFolio software, booking management will


Tourism easy, fast

With just 3 simple steps, you can perform check-in, check-out and other operations right on the display of ezFolio software.

Besides, running the software on cloud computing technology will help all the operations become faster.


Connect the room-selling online channel

ezFolio allows your hotel to connect to more than 200 OTA channels, which helps optimize room availability and increase your hotel sales efficiently.

List of 200 OTA channels can be viewed Here

Booking information from over 200 OTA channels will automatically be updated in the software, which minimizes manual work and saves personnel costs.

All changes of room capacity in the hotel will be automatically updated to over 200 OTA channels to help optimize room occupancy.


Arrange hotel rooms automatically

One of the smart points of ezFolio is the ability to arrange hotel rooms when the booking comes to optimize capacity.

ezFolio will automatically move single rooms next to each other and prioritize rooms for guests in groups and long rooms in order to avoid overbooking due to unreasonable arrangements.


Detailed report, clearly

ezFolio offers 3 types of booking reports for hotels, including: pie, column and line charts.

This provides hotel a holistic and multifaceted view about the hotel’s business during a certain period of time.


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