Sinh nhật tháng 12 – Ngày thứ 7 cuối cùng của năm 2017!


Ending 2017 with many jobs and plans have been completed and unfinished, the afternoon of December 30, 1977, all employees ezCloud gathered together to celebrate the birthday party December.

sinh nhật

At a time when people and homes are racing for a New Year holiday, ezCloud is still working quietly, customer support, customer search, sales, and chatting together in the afternoon. The last of the year 2017. Not just a special day like this, 30/12/2017 is also the last birthday of the year 2017 for personnel birthday in December. Rain inside, ezCloud staff singing happy birthday song together and blow candles sweet birthday cake.
December is a special birthday month because there are up to 2 founders whose birthdate this month. So the birthday cake in December is very good, there is much delicious fruit that other months do not have. The most favorite is the founder has accumulated funds to buy his gifts to fund the purchase of birthday gifts for the company. Love the founders.
I wish all the staffs in December a good health, new year to have many new, always successful in work and always accompany ezCloud in the next years.

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