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On April 10th, ezCloud has taken over the new look of the Booking Engine online booking engine. New interface with simple design, clear and compatible with more devices will definitely bring professional feeling for visitors when visiting the hotel website.

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Reservation engine for hotel website

Booking Engine is not a very familiar term for hotel business owners, but certainly there will be many unknown. Booking engine is a tool that is integrated on the website of the hotel, allowing visitors to the hotel website can book directly on the website without calling the hotel or through the OTA channel.

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In addition to being a tool to help guests make reservations right on the hotel website, the Booking Engine also gives all the customer information about hotel management software, and assigns a room directly to the software that the hotel is using. use.
With the advantages that the engine offers, this is a tool that most hotel website used today to increase online booking, the professional website as well as hotel revenue.


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