ezCloudhotel Launches Email Marketing Feature for Hotels!

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With the rapid development of the internet and e-commerce, email marketing has become an effective advertising tool for the hotel with low cost and is one of the tools contributing to the strategy. Effective marketing for the hotel. However, many hotels have a problem, which can send mail to each customer through the email account that the hotel selected but not create a concurrent campaign. With the list of thousands of customers, sending mail to each other is not feasible. Based on this difficulty, ezCloudhotel has launched the “Email Marketing” feature for hotels on the software, helping the hotel to automatically create email campaigns, send promotional emails, celebrate, congratulate, … to each customer an automated.
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What are the benefits of ezCloudhotel’s Email Marketing?

Instead of using manual tools such as paperwork, signing a contract, … now when guests check in at the hotel counter will have an email message sent to the customer’s email room information place, date of arrival, date of departure, and relevant information. Your hotel will become more professional in the eyes of visitors thanks to the above features.

  • Extremely convenient

Instead of hotel owners having to head off their own email marketing software, filtering their own guest list and importing new software, ezCloudhotel’s Email Marketing feature will not require you to do the work. Only email configuration on the software can be sent to all guest list stored in the ezCloudhotel software.

  • Extremely high cost

Compared with having to invest in an external marketing system, using ezCloudhotel’s email marketing feature will help the hotel owner save a lot of money. Only 0,01$ / room/day is really a very favorable price for the hotel.

  • Can be used anytime, anywhere

With just a few simple operations such as Write a title, email content, choose a set of send customers, you are able to send email to each one effectively. Even when it’s night, or you’re traveling. As long as you need an internet connection at the time you email marketing.

  • Responsive email

This is not something that any email marketing provider can do, not to mention it’s in the software you use every day. To optimize the reader experience, ezCloudhotel has designed beautiful email display on both desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Customers will be pleased with the hotel email sent at first sight.

  • Save time

Se saves hotel owners a lot of time since all customer information is already in the software. Gratitude to customers, or sending promotions to old customers becomes very fast.

  • Increase sale revenue

The ultimate goal of all ezCloudhotel tools for hotel owners is to increase revenue for the hotel. In fact, Email Marketing will help hotel owners a lot in boosting their profits by offering the hotel promotions to their customers. The cost is quite cheap, profits will be huge.

  • Customize the look of the email

In addition to the email interfaces available at the software, you can use the code to edit the interface according to the hotel’s own ideas. ezCloudhotel allows hotel owners to edit signatures, titles, etc. easily anyone can manipulate.

  • Bring loyal customers

Customers will be delighted when they receive birthday e-mails from the hotel where they once lived. So the possibility of returning to the hotel is very high. With the feature of sending mail to celebrate the automatic birthday of Email marketing software will help the hotel to customer satisfaction in an excellent way.

  • Have honest and valuable feedback

Our customers are always the ones who have objective and deepest assessment of the service that the hotel provides. It may be that at the time of the incident that the customer is uncomfortable but you have not said yet, an email marketing service survey provided by the hotel will help customers express more of their thoughts on the service. hotel services are provided.
And there are many more features besides the feature that ezCloudhotel is growing. If the owner sees this is indeed a feature that is waiting for a long time, please contact Sale to add this feature to your software offline!

ezCloudhotel Launches Email Marketing Feature for Hotels!

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