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ezCloudhotel offers 5-star hotel management for small and medium hotels.
ezCloudHotel.com is a cloud-based hotel management platform that works on phones, tablets, and, of course, computers. In addition to operating hotel operations, the platform connects to global distribution channels such as Siteminder and STAAH to help hotels optimize their capacity to sell on well-known hotel websites such as Agoda. , Booking, AirBnB …
This solution is suitable for small and medium chain hotels, serviced apartments, homestay, with low cost.

This platform, along with 15 other startups in Asia, is rated as the best start-up idea in Asia by Seedstarworld (Switzerland) in 2015 and is representing Vietnam in a global startup platform. Switzerland in March 2016.
For the first time in 2015, ezCloudhotel is financed by IPP Finland for EUR 30,000 to improve its management capacity and access to modern development models in the world. One year later, the company will continue to receive EUR 2 – EUR 100,000 in April 2016 from IPP2 Finland to expand the market, helping small- to medium-sized hotels in Vietnam reach Modern technology such as 5-star hotel but with cheap price.
ezCloudhotel was developed based on Folio software – a hotel management software won the Sao Khue Award in 2012. Bui Duc, co-founder of Folio said the software was developed in 2006, won the prize. Sao Khue in 2012, but in 2013 he decided to stop developing this software and together with other friends built ezCloudhotel. A new software is built entirely on the cloud to catch up with trends, save on hotel costs, and be able to connect with international hotel reservation systems, instead of just Folio. installed on the computer.
Mr. Duc said that with the hotel management software installed on the computer, the hotel often cost from several dozens to several hundred million, including software royalties, servers, operating costs … However ezCloudhotel uses the cloud platform, so it can be installed on multiple devices, cost savings, easy connection to international booking systems.
Currently, ezCloudhotel is free to install applications, only charging subscribers. The charge is 600 VND per room per day, so for a hotel with 10 rooms, one month costs 180,000 VND. For customers who register for the package 6 months, 1 year or longer will be discounted. Customers interested in ezCloudhotel services just go to the website of the application, fill in the number of hotel rooms, the exact cost will be calculated automatically for reference.

Bui Duc said that the hotel management platform in the cloud as ezCloudhotel is almost unique in Vietnam. With the advantage of being installed on every device and easy to use, ezCloudhotel is geared towards one to three-star hotels, particularly suitable for hotels in the suburbs or in remote areas that want to attract domestic travelers. and international. Because ezCloudhotel has connections to Agoda, Booking, Siteminder, the hotel owner using this application can put their room on these sites for promotion.
Mr. Bui Duc said that hotel staff usually work with each page booking, booking, email confirmation … very time-consuming. Not to mention, the hotel has 10 empty rooms, all of which have up to 10 rooms, until the rooms have the occupants to adjust the number of rooms on different pages, making the management ineffective. The ezCloudhotel synchronizes the data pages to manage the room, while also managing basic services such as room, restaurant, laundry, mini bar, and many other services in the hospitality industry.
ezCloudhotel currently has about 400 clients using services, including big hotels like Sacom Tuyen Lam, Vinpearl, Muong Thanh, FLC … In order to expand the number of customers quickly and spread throughout Vietnam, Mr. Bui Duc said ezCloud – led by Bui Duc and six founding friends – is continuing to call ezCloudhotel, with a call charge of $ 500,000. With this investment, ezCloudhotel wants to increase the number of customers using the product to 4,000 by the end of 2017.
Co-founder ezCloudhotel said that Vietnam currently has about 18,000 hotels from 1 to 5 stars, totaling about 700,000 rooms. In most of the hotels, only about 60% of the occupancy rate is occupied, which is 40% occupancy per night. So aside from the ezCloudhotel, the company is chasing the ezLastminute project, a low-cost late-stage reservation platform – to take advantage of the vacancy of hotels across the country. ezCloudhotel and ezLastminute will create an ecosystem to serve both Vietnamese and regional hotels.

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