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ICTNews VTC2 reported on a software “Made in Vietnam” was developed by the Vietnamese young people, creativity, diligence, effort, intelligence to create appropriate IT applications with Vietnam with lower costs many when buying similar products from other countries.

Bui Duc – Director of Marketing company hotel management software ezFolio share of the construction and development of hotel management software FOLIO since 2006.
Hanoi Boutique Hotel is one of the application software in Hanoi’s Old Quarter Folio early
The hotel reception Hanoi Boutique are using software to check the hotel Folio client information before making reservations and check-in procedure for foreign visitors had booked online from 10 days ago.
With a friendly user interface, easy to use, quick, hotel software helps staff Folio easy to use.
Folio system with more than 100 diverse reports, aggregating data in a variety of different criteria, enabling the management and executive team, see and seize the entire property data to make decisions, marketing strategy quickly and accurately to customer groups, customer resources, different market.
Folio is the overall software solution, which includes all operations in hotels, the data is entered in one place and transmitted to all parts, heterogeneous information and data from the parts receiving instant bookings room, was moved down the reception, housekeeping. Photos staff Reservations (sales) are manipulated in a software FOLIO separate rooms with the Front Desk.

Software Folio hotel is connected directly with financial and accounting software. Data, transactions arising in parts of Restaurants, Hotels, minibar, coffee, spa immediately turned down the accounting department automatically. The accountant does not have to reenter data, the remaining work is collated information received and to report data.
Hotel software with integrated Folio mobile devices, the smartphone with an internet connection, 3G as Ipad, iPhone. Help hotel owners, managers, operators can view data and the operations of hotels anywhere, while on a business trip abroad, while on holiday with family, without the need for regular must be present at the hotel with an Ipad, iPhone, computer with internet connection.

Nguyen Thi Thuy Duong – CEO system 2 Boutique 3-star hotel in Hanoi, the share of the advantages after 2 years using Software Folio.

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