Ra mắt tính năng Mobile App ezCloudhotel – Tiện dụng cho chủ khách sạn quản lý từ xa


Along with the development of the Internet and science and technology, especially electronic devices, there has been a tremendous and wide change in many areas, making human life easier and easier. great number of. Specifically, only with the Internet-enabled handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets … you can already hold the world in your hand and work anywhere.
With the desire to help its customers more convenient in managing their hotel as well as catch up with the latest technology changes, ezCloud has designed and launched its Mobie App client for the part. ezCloudhotel management software.
Specifically, with the Mobie App ezCloudhotel, hotel managers can manage their activities in the hotel anywhere, anywhere with just one handheld internet device. . As a result, it will maximize the management effort, thereby increasing the revenue and the number of staffing orders, as well as providing the best possible experience during your stay at the hotel.
Just sign up and download the ezloudhotel app on your phone’s app store so you can instantly test the fun that ezCloud brings to you – great ezCloud customers. Now let’s take a look at the features you can find on the ezCloudhotel App:

  • Room Capacity: Line graph showing room occupancy by month. Display capacity for 2 consecutive months, can see the capacity of each day and compare the capacity of the month
  • Daily payments: Payments incurred in today’s hotel
  • Total guests are: Total number of guests staying in the hotel (Adult statistics, children)


  • Paid Room Revenue: The line graph represents the monthly revenue, showing revenue for two consecutive months, which can be viewed daily and compares the revenue of each month.

Calendar Dashboad

  • Help show the situation in the hotel room by month
  • Allow assignment with unassigned booking.

Channel manager

  • Displays the number of rooms / units sold on monthly sales channels
  • Allows synchronization of the number of rooms to all online sales channels

Quick check in

  • Make a separate living room
  • Get a guest room
  • Deposit with multiple payment methods

Hopefully, with the four advanced features integrated in the EzCloudhotel App for smartphones such as Dashboad, Calendar Diagram, Room Distribution Manager and Receive, ezCloud customers will really feel the Useful and satisfied.
Try the ezCloudhotel free software to experience the software here: ezCloudhotel hotel management software!

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