3 Lý do nên sử dụng website trong kinh doanh khách sạn


The advent of the Internet has changed the role of the traditional business tool. Today, in any business plan yet to build and develop criteria website is always top priority.


Effects of the website for hotels

First of all, the site is home to the hotel and guests meet. When they visit the hotel’s website and find the information about hotel rooms and services, such as websites become a channel online customer advisory effective. So the website is a means to introduce hotels, promotion, marketing and PR.

Secondly, the website is an introduction channels premises, hotel services. Guests will visit the site, search for places, choosing and booking online. The sale of the room, your service has been engineered.

Third, the website is a means of managing remote hotel. Hotels and automate management processes through the website can help the operating results of hotels when in anywhere. Workflow automation, the system will generate the information necessary for managers as needed. Therefore, many hotel website building towards a comprehensive management.

Bring business efficiency

The first is the increase in the number of tourists booking through search engines. With the support of the current search engine, it offers visitors many opportunities to be known.

Expanding target markets, penetrate new markets. With a wide operating range, you can get more customers known not only on a national scale, but worldwide.

Increased service quality management. Through the website, you have the opportunity to get more than the comments of visitors to improve the quality of services.

Process management is closely automation through enterprise business remote management.

Cost savings, online activities to help businesses save costs and improve their competitiveness.

Social trends

About Knowledge and office workers increased rapidly, this is the group of subjects with good financial condition and have a habit of finding out information on the Internet before each travel plan, hotel reservations.

Traditional marketing is becoming less effective due to cost and greater competition.

Online booking was quite common in Vietnam and are becoming familiar and inevitable trend of the future.

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