ezCloud New Year 2018 Digital Tourism Newspaper


In the face of the 4.0 industry trend in hotel management and hospitality, how do Vietnamese hotels use this technology to create competitive advantage, optimize the operation process? The ezcloud solution is the key to help hotel owners take advantage of the technology wave.

Automate the sale of the room – the inevitable trend

At this point, to speed up the sale process faster and more, a hotel can be used in many ways: pushing the room for travel companies, selling rooms online booking channels – OTA, create The hotel integrates its own hotel booking, social networking, and ad run. The sale of rooms on the OTA pages are taking up a lot of time in the process of dropping room, closing room on these pages.
Accordingly, the term automatic sale has become a trend in the hotel business. Instead of going through the OTA channels to make room adjustments, hoteliers will use an open-content management system in all OTA channels, just a simple operation that is able to sell rooms on multiple OTA channels. simultaneous. It focuses resources on improving the customer experience wherever there is contact with the hotel brand.
Mr. Long, the owner of Hanoi Old Quater View Hostel chain, said: “With the hostel business in the old town, we need a management software system capable of connecting online with global OTAs. The process of selling rooms is synchronous and automatic “
Mr. Nguyen Hoang Duong, CEO of ezCloud, said: “Currently, hotels are trending to use technology in hotel management and business, but not optimal when not synchronized with a system throughout. This will result in resource depletion and possible incidents during the operation of many different systems. Therefore, the hotel needs a system that integrates all management and business support tools. This system has to meet the optimization of automatic rooms on the entire OTA site has secured the management of the hotel. This is a way to save time, human resources but still achieve high business efficiency.

Multi-device integration – Conditions required for the hotel

Technology is indispensable, does not mean enough, the hotel needs to equip themselves more equipment to manage it closely. The greater the integration of equipment used in the hotel will help the hotel become professional and avoid loss of property in a significant way. A management system that connects magnetic locks, power systems, TVs, cameras, passport scanners … is what the hotel needs.
Hoang Dung – Royal Hotel Thanh Hoa said, “One of the major problems of hotel business is how to minimize losses. Although we have invested the lock system from the control process is still a loophole. I need a system that integrates locks and hotel software in sync, I can track the status right on the phone application with ease. ezCloud solves this problem with a very intelligent operating system.”

ezCloud Optimum – Optimal hotel investment cost

Hotel owners know the cost of investing and operating a hotel management system that does not come cheap. Previously, these tools were only suitable for large hotels from 3 to 5 stars, costing about 100 million / hotel. For small and medium hotels, this is a big investment when starting a business. Very few hotels dare to spend so.
Keeping up with the strong growth of the hotel segment, the management solution with reasonable investment cost, fully connected equipment, and business tools was born to solve the problem of business competition. with large hotels.

With ezCloud Optimum, the first cost-saving investment package in Vietnam for hotel guests, the hotel owner will use all ezCloudhotel hotel management software solutions, ezCms distribution channel management system free of charge. , ezBooking online reservation tool and set up 4 online room reservation options. In addition, hotels and service providers will share the benefits of ezCloud’s tools. The development of technology has created an excellent opportunity for small and medium hotels when the cost of investing asynchronous solution equivalent to the 5-star hotel is only about 5 million VND. Selecting and applying technology intelligently will create a great difference that hotels should consider in the context of hotel business today.

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