Bắt tay cùng Sagotech – Đưa ezCloud phủ khắp Đà Lạt – Lâm Đồng


In 2017 closed with the great success of the entire ezCloud company, which can not help but mention a great success when officially became a major partner of Sagotech – Saigon Computer Electronics – The largest office equipment in Dalat.
With the strategy of promoting sales in the peak tourist areas in the Central Highlands, Da Lat is being ezCloud interested and develop strong sales. With advantages of geography and climate, every year in Dalat attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists to visit in all seasons of the year. Because of being an extremely popular tourist destination, the hotel business in Dalat has been growing steadily since 2013.

Bắt tay cùng Sagotech

After a period of research and market research in Da Lat, ezCloud has come to know SagoTech is a company providing the largest computer equipment, office here. Have the same views on business, customer objects, … December 2014 ezCloud and SapoTech officially signed to become long-term Partners. SagoTech became the first ezCloud dealer in Da Lat market.
After nearly one month of working, SagoTech has brought a large number of customers to ezCloud in Da Lat. Always show the spirit of work as well as the sense of responsibility with customers extremely high, SagoTech is a lot of hotel owners in the area believe in products as well as solutions consulted.

ezCloud in Da Lat

After working with SagoTech, Mr. Bui Duc – Sales Manager of Southern Vietnam, said: “He is very happy and satisfied to work with SagoTech, Dalat is cold and drizzle due to the typhoon. But the spirit of Sagotech teamwork is very praiseworthy: From 8:30 am to 6 pm they schedule to meet each day with 4 hotels, Sagotech staff to accompany us to learn how to consult sales From 6:30 pm to 9:30 All our sales and technical staff at Sagotech conference rooms study our software and invite our clients to join us (sales spirit everywhere, everywhere)“.
Hopefully, in the future, ezCloud and Sagotech will reap many achievements, more customers, together to bring the hotel owners in Da Lat hotel management solutions and best.
For advice and demo of ezCloud products at SagoTech please contact:
Phone: 0913009509
Email: sagotechmaster@gmail.com
Email: admin@sagotech.vn

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