Lưu ý cập nhật 3 thay đổi này khi sử dụng Facebook cho khách sạn


Facebook is a marketing tool promote effectively. However, to use the best tools are the people made in the field of hotels and restaurants need to catch clearly the recent changes of Facebook because of these changes greatly affect their operations

The hotels put the development is their main objectives are to understand the potential of Facebook. So Facebook’s recent changes are very important for the hotel. For judge these changes exactly, the following article will show 3 points that you should pay attention.


1. Homepage Interface

One of the most visible changes is the content of the homepage. This is the most important point for any any Facebook account, where users can post their content. Previously, these contents are split to create different areas for posts and status updates. However, in the updated version, all the contents are neatly aligned into a single column. The change in this position help page becomes leaner. Now, users can see all the content, including posts, videos and Images into the central location of the page.

2. Improving tracking capabilities

The update also allow hotels to track other users to be more careful. Now, administrators can manage many sites so the hotels can be linked together easily on Facebook. In addition to reading the articles of the opponent hotel, administrators can know the details of their opponents published how many articles and how many people have liked their page. This analysis can be shown what to do and not to do, even allow a hotel to think of new ideas to develop their Marketing.

3. More contact information

The left column page has always been dedicated for some basic personal information. However, with the new interface, this area can display more information. Namely, now hotels can post more complete information about the address, phone number and hours of operation of the hotel. In addition, there is a map feature – shows the location of hotel.

The information includes in likes, visits, posts from users, and other information can be displayed. The long list of the custom can help hotels to select the items that best suits for their marketing plan more easily. A part of the re-design is moving application cards from top to left. This can make users search more difficult, but with a new location on the left side is extended, very intuitive for most people who visit the page.

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