5 bước để giúp khách sạn hoạt động tốt hơn trên Facebook


Facebook is becoming more familiar, play an important role in customer care and branding hotels. Undeniably the role of social media, facebook also constantly upgrading and improving more towards users. However, not any improvement of facebook is also effective for hotels to promote the brand and take care of the guests. Here are some notes to help optimize operating hotels facebook page.


1. Build good content

When not know which factors affect the interaction of Facebook algorithms and algorithms how it impacts on the visitors, the content development is always a top priority. A good content is content that the fans on the fan page hotel can apply it, such as the need to be prepared when traveling, hints on attractive tourist destination … When the algorithm changes, can alter the marketing plan of your property, so please focus on building good content, the things that tourists like to read and wants to share with friends.

2. Paid for increasing like facebook – like virtual hard when high volume

When implementing social media, we focus on attracting lots of customers than having virtual traffic, less effective in business. With every social media channel, we focus on building quality rather than quantity. Although Facebook has frequently changed algorithms, they also aim to create more quality content to the user.

3. Encourage employees to participate in sharing content on the fanpage

Changes facebook can affect traffic and track our fanpage, therefore we conducted a number of plans to improve the situation following:

– First we encourage all employees to share the post on the fan page now, the share of employees can reach their friends and continue to share.

– Next we use Facebook’s advertising services to the article on the fanpage reach customers.

– Finally, the budget for other social media channels Twitter to attract customers who do not join facebook.

4. Email marketing                                                                  

Social media is always changing, but really is necessary. Some small businesses use Facebook to advertise and market the unique method, the change led to some difficulties. We do not post just aims quantity. However, we still post about 5 to 6 times a day, although not received a response. The number of members on the fanpage on facebook still higher, and lower on Twitter, Instagrem, Youtube. We regularly promote to develop exclusive content, organize contests, and discounts to help advertise for the members of the fanpage. Currently, email marketing than those of the other social marketing. In its marketing campaigns, we promote the application of email marketing.

5. Time and content

Facebook is a lot of changes and we change the way contact with it. If your business does not have the valid entries so people pay attention to it, the individual pages of your enterprise will fade. By selecting post at the critical moment of habit people are on Facebook to read the share to attract the attention of people on it, that way your fan page will be many approaches and more care. We have used this method to improve their governance fan page on Facebook.

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