5 Lý do để đầu tư vào một hệ thống quản lý khách sạn hiện đại


Every hotel owner should be entitled to all the best for their hotel. The best products, the most advanced products to help hotel managers most effectively. A hotel management system as the core ezCloud will be on the application, ezCloud help manage room bookings, invoicing and daily work.

The following article will give 7 reasons why you should invest in ezCloud.


1 – Because you can

Management system for hotel rooms now are unified price is not less than 100 euros / month for the management of your property. Business models (pay per month, year) gives you the freedom to choose to postpone the contract if not satisfied with the product.

2 – Easy to understand

No need to take weeks of training to understand the system. This is one of the major differences between the older generation of managers. Visual design for this system has become a priority. It was more common for designers in the development process, providing user-friendly applications

3 – You are connected

You probably know the importance of a channel management and booking tool is to have many more orders. And you know about the obstruction and difficult to manage online channels manually. Now it has to be connected directly to ezCloud, kite everything synced automatically. again you save a lot of time.

4 – Use the freedom

A modern hotel owner is a dynamic hotelier. You do not need to stay behind the front desk again. ezCloud “provides you with a way to get closer to your customers by making check-in / check-out from a tablet and also the freedom to visit your business partners whenever you want. As a manager, it also allows you to have an eye on what was happening at your hotel without there.

5 – No hardware

There is no extra cost to buy a compatible computer or server “in-house”. You can directly use the system with your existing technology (tablet, laptop or desktop). You do not even need to install any application; it is all online and in the cloud (Internet – based). You can literally make an asset management system within 4 minutes.

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