8 ý tưởng giúp phát triển nội dung trên website khách sạn


The administrator posts on the hotel website is not easy, however the good content management plays an important role in attracting visitors, increasing traffic to the website and enhance the hotel picture .

Most of the websites are easy starts with good content, but some time after decreasing the number of posts, many topics, content causes repeated because administrators simply content gradually lose initial basic idea for the website.

To help improve this property, the following article will give some ideas to help develop content for hotel websites.


1.Photos – tool best content transmission.

A picture can express more content a thousand words, this is not without cause. Because the important part, the most attractive in the article is the picture in that article (accounting for the largest space, colorful helps readers catchy, simple express creative ideas).

2. Comments from guests

Highlighted the good reviews from guests on your hotel website is a good thing, however, should not only write good reviews, this hotel makes your ad seem to be excessive and very hard to convince new visitors to visit the hotel website.

3. Answer the Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions that visitors often considered when designing the trip. The hotel room service yet can provide? Hotel location supermarket or any recreation facilities? Hotels need to provide this information to visitors, rather than the short answer, let’s turn it into the article, providing more information guests would want to know.

4. Post the survey article

With the guests’ favorite, they are often eager to share their opinions. Create the survey article about a certain topic, given the results, to encourage visitors to share ideas, debate.

5. Promotion, Events

These promotions, contests, exciting event attracts many visitors visit your hotel website. But they should not be abused by the use of the article only to provide promotional information, this makes your hotel website becomes boring.

6. Driving directions, providing information about tourist attractions local attractions

Guide visitors on the way in the region, introducing guests to the free tour guide … By providing information expressed understanding your visitors, what they want to do, where they want to participate view, allowing you to gain the confidence of the visitors stayed at the hotel and become a reliable guide.

7. Notices  language communication

Please help visitors quickly integrate with life around by suggesting to them the social question, greet local residents but commonly used. It is also an exciting experience for visitors.

8. Tell a story about the hotel

Many tourists usually attention, concern and love for the smallest details, including the story of the hotel staff, the new designs in the hotel room, you can create a lot of attention for tourists .

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