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As of 20/12/2017, ezCloud Global Technology Jsc has been renamed ezCloud Global Technology Pte. Ltd. Company.

thay đổi tên ctyWith a Vision “Become an international tourism leader with our browser-based solution for hotel management”, In this August , ezCloud has completed the business registration process in Singapore with the English name is ezCloud Technologies Pte. Ltd. Therefore, since 20/12/2017, ezCloud Company in Singapore officially became the main and ezCloud in Vietnam became a subsidiary.

This big change will help ezCloud stay firmly on the way to deliver products and services abroad.

Details are as follows:


      Change the name and seal of the business

Dear: Customers, partners, suppliers, and investors.
– Pursuant to the minutes of the meeting of the Board of Members on the agreement to transfer ezCloud Global Technology Jsc into ezCloud Technologies Pte. Ltd.
– Based on the certificate of enterprise registration of the company
We would like to inform customers, partners about the company name change as follows:

  1. From 20/12/2017, the company officially used ezCloud Technologies Pte. Ltd. to carry out all transactions with customers, partners, suppliers, and investors according to the information. Below are the changes:

các thông tin được thay đổi

2. From 20/12/2017, customers, partners, suppliers and investors, transaction agencies, issue the financial invoice for our company according to information change. The old information about the company is no longer valid from 20/12/2017, all forms of use the old name of the company in transactions and relations with customers, partners, suppliers, and houses. The investment is fake and illegal.

ezCloud Technologies Pte. Ltd. is pleased to announce that customers, partners, suppliers, and investors are known and coordinated to implement.

Look forward to your cooperation agency!
Best regards!

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