You’re investing in hotel management software for workflow management and financial control of the hotel from 1-5 star, ezCloud likes to introduce one of the problems being encountered and hotel solutions along with hotel management software named ezFolio 1 – a product of ezCloud.

Do you want to use hotel software? But do not want to use large, complicated and unwieldy software for staff?

Hotel Software ezFolio which offers  packages for small hotels integrates features hourly charges for staying (hotel automatically charges from time to time in and time out, click to print the hotel bill includes money room and services arising: minibar, drinks, laundry …). With features and information pruned to fit guests who stays, it is very easy to use even with the receptionists.

Don’t you want to invest in hotel management software with the high cost?

ezFolio is the solution package for small hotels, charging flexible software use by number of rooms with monthly subscription packages using the hotel without buying servers, run online directly on your server of  ezCloud, using only the user’s computer software.

You are the manager of  a small hotel, you are not present frequently in the hotel?

With these software packages, online hotel manager, investors, regulators can view revenue reports, state guests, book lists, sales for the day, report discounts, cancellation, only with an iPad, iPhone, tablet, computer with internet connection, 3G at home, at the office, anywhere, any time. This is the most powerful advantages of cloud technologies (cloud computing).

Don’t you have experience in the management, hotel management?

ezFolio builds a reporting system to serve the general executive management which is understandable. The report compares the sales charts intuitively and vividly.

You are having difficulty in managing the revenue problem? How to reduce financial losses?

Hotel Management Software ezFolio decentralizes to individual users, restrict the operations to remove, edit data when there is no power. The system stores the entire operation of the user. The figures shown in many cross-check reports make things quickly.

You want to use the software but do not want to buy servers, expensive hardware investments.

With ezFolio for smaller hotels, you can use online on the ezCloud company’s server or desktop computer with normal configuration to install and use the software on site. No need to buy servers, expensive hardware investments.

>> So what the hotel management software ezFolio is:

Hotel Management Software ezFolio comprehensive solution for Management Hotel / Resort including a full range of service features for the Management, Monitoring, Operating activities of hotel / resort / hotel chains class from 1 star to 5 stars, with sizes from 10 to 2,000 rooms and can connect to unlimited Outlets points. ezFolio hotel and restaurant software developed by CORPORATION GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY EZCLOUD under business process management and preparation of Vietnam to comply with the International Standard Management. Software pioneered ezFolio hotel managers, restaurant on cloud technologies (Cloud Computing), provides a comprehensive management solution, helps hotel to expand sales channel and develop agent system. No need  to install and costly infrastructure investments, see reports anytime, anywhere, using the software directly on smartphones, tablets (iPad, iPhone …) only with the simple operation, feels extremely comfortable.


– Use “TECHNOLOGY cloud” so the software can run directly on the device Smartphone, Tablet, laptop – hotel chain management through the Internet connection.

– Integration with online booking system.

– Easily expanded dealer and sales channel.

– Easily compatible with the devices most modern hardware.

– Cost savings of hardware maintenance.

– Tight financial control.

– Decentralize the details of each person, each function.

– Scalable, easy system upgrades.

– Support for long-term customers (24/24: 1900 6159).

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