VITV: CEO Nguyễn Hoàng Dương và Ứng Dụng Quản Lý Khách Sạn

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Each Startup business has its own story, and the story of CEO Nguyen Hoang Duong together with the first Vietnamese company providing the overall solution for hotel management is the same.
The story is being broadcast by VITV – Broadcasting channel on economic and financial broadcasting at 21h45 on 24/10/2017.

Applying technology to hotel business is still a very new concept in Vietnam. Therefore, Anh Duong and his university friends have set up ezCloud, offering tailor-made business solutions to all types of hotels not only in Vietnam but also in the world.
“ez in ezCloud means easy” easy “, so the company wants to build a technology solution that runs on cloud computing platform, using it very easy, serving The vast majority of users have the opportunity to apply the right technology to their business”, CEO Nguyen Hoang Duong share.
ezCloud is currently offering 7 solutions, products for business and hotel management:

  • 3-5 star hotel management software – ezFolio
  • Hotel management software 0-2 star – ezCloudhotel
  • Distribution Channel Management System – ezCms
  • Hotel website design – ezWeb
  • Online booking tools – ezBooking
  • Restaurant management software – ezPos
  • Golf Management Software – ezGolf

With a vision to become a leading technology company in the field of tourism technology not only in South East Asia but also in the world, the Founder and ezCloud are constantly striving to develop product ecology, It helps the hotel owner to manage well, business effectively and optimize costs.

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