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From March 01, 2016 to December 31, 2016, passengers with airline tickets or boarding pass will be free to experience the service in the time slot SleepPod 12:30 – 13:30 daily. ezCloud pleased to provide ezFolio management software for SleepPod management at Noi Bai airport

Vietnam Aviation Tourism Company (VATC) is the loyal customers of ezCloud Global Technology JSC with the confidence to use ezFolio software for managing SleepPod. Just launch the program VATC free more than 1,800 hours of service experience SleepPod at Noi Bai International Airport. Accordingly, in the terminal T1, VATC will be open from 4-5 free rooms, terminal T2 open 2-3 free rooms. Total passengers can use free of charge from 12 to 16 people / day.

Passengers registration information form and send it to the service department to receive email SleepPod confirms. “If guests cancel the reservation for any reason, change booking information, or do not come at the time of check-in, free registration room will be canceled”, VATC note.

Service SleepPod at Noi Bai International Airport is open from May 07, 2014 and currently has 20 rooms. This type of accommodation catering for passengers delayed, canceled flights or connections, waiting flight at the airport. Show bedroom prices at the T1 terminal is 130,000 VND / hour (single room), 150,000 VND / hour (double room), T2 is 160,000 VND / hour (double occupancy).

If your business is in need of a service management software in a professional and specialized, ezCloud pleased to cooperate and give your business the best management products. Please contact 1900 6159 to receive specific advice for management solutions with best service.


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