ezCloud introduces booking features on Facebook


In recent years, Internet development has brought many conveniences in life. In particular, the emergence and development of global social networks such as Skype, Inscript, Twitter … especially Facebook not only help connect people around the globe but also bring change and flourishing in e-commerce sector.
The development of social networks such as Facebook has helped commerce (including invisible goods, such as ezCloud’s overall hotel management software) grow stronger and at the same time help customers stay connected. It’s much easier to buy and choose the products you love from around the world. Understanding this and coming from the desire to help hotel owners can increase the sales volume from Facebook, hotel online booking system ezHotel.vn has created a new and special ability. for Hotel Owners: Online Booking System on Facebook.
Once installed and put into use, your hotel can increase the number of bookings thanks to its ease of use and ease of use. Specifically, thanks to this feature, potential customers after referring to your useful information on your page can directly select and book your room preferences.
Online booking system on Facebook is launched this time by ezCloud will include 2 stages: Create app on Facebook and create tab page.
With the Facebook app creation phase, you just have to perform very simple steps. Let’s take a look at these steps below:
Make reservations:
Make a reservation
Reservation interface


So hopefully with the booking feature on facebook ezCloud customers will really feel good and satisfied.

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