ezCloud – 1 trong 5 đại diện phát biểu tại sự kiện Techfest 2016


In order to provide its customers with comprehensive and optimized hotel management software, ezCloud has been known as a startup company with many achievements and rapid development. It is a great honor for ezCloud to become one of the 5 chosen representatives to speak at the opening ceremony of TECHFEST, a start-up event organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
techfest 2016
TECHFEST is an annual international event for the start-up community led by MOST and co-ordinated by ministries, sectors and socio-political organizations. This year, the important and widespread event will take place in two days: November 12-13, 2016 with the participation of government leaders, government agencies and businesses across the land. country. Individuals and organizations coming to this special event will be able to participate in many activities such as: visiting products and services of potential star-ups, attracting domestic and foreign investment funds, attracting human resources as well as participating in seminars on the application of technology in the fields of education, agriculture, life technology, banking …

Deputy Prime Minister visits the company booth

As mentioned above, ezCloud is known as one of the leading star in the application of modern technology in the hospitality industry and brings many benefits to its customers. The success and recognition of our customers, the world’s leading technology companies and our investors are among the reasons for the success of ezCloud. This is also the reason why our company is honored to be selected as one of 5 representatives to share their experience and development path at the TECHFEST opening ceremony.
After 3 years of development, ezCloud has gradually improved its expertise, standardized its operations on the cloud platform and provided its customers with hotel management solutions such as: ezFolio (for hotels, resorts from 3 to 5 *), ezCloudhotel (for hotels from 0 to 3 *), ezCms…
The solutions provided by ezCloud will help their customers maximize their profits, maximize their sales through optimized utilities: Helps manage the hotel simply, quickly and economically no matter where you are. With any hand-held electronic device connected to the Internet and the system integrates many utility applications …
ezCloud’s participation in this year’s TECHFEST event is a milestone in the evolution of a startup like ezCloud and it is also an acknowledgment of what ezCloud has been up to. Hopefully in the future, ezCloud continues to receive the support of customers and investors, professionals in the world to reap more success in the development of their upcoming.

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