ezCloud participate Conference “Hue and innovative Debut 2016”


As a start-up businesses in the field of hotel management software and increasingly accomplishing remarkable success, the leadership and staff ezCloud not only trying to improve and develop our products better but also contribute a small bit of his energy in helping the younger generation of South Streaks have confidence on the road and air horn creativity and entrepreneurship, finding new fields of entrepreneurship. Accordingly, on 30/08/2016, Nguyen Hoang Duong – ezCloud CEO attended the seminar “Hue and innovative Debut 2016” by Hue University of Sciences in conjunction with the project team start-Hue organizations and also have shared useful information for the students involved.
The seminar was held in the hope aroused by the creative spirit of the students of Hue University of Sciences as well as encouraging and enabling young people with creative enthusiasts have the opportunity to start a business and get rich the main ideas in his unique creativity through stories “fiction” of young people have been starting a business in different areas. Among the stories and people that success, there were many young people to successfully start a business based on your unique ideas, became the leader of the Start-up companies or large companies has a reputation in the market, getting more attention and applause of the profession as well as its customers.
As one of them, Nguyen Hoang Duong joined with other successful entrepreneurs attended the seminar and share their thoughts, the way start-up as well as the information needed, useful, your help for students about to leave school staff can reap more success getting in the way society through entrepreneurship through innovative ideas.
To get started on the path of entrepreneurship and reaped success and customer satisfaction, the leader and founder of a start-up company as ezCloud indispensable creative and flexible minds active, flexible, able to handle all situations males may arise. Just so, after three years of constant development, regardless of effort ezCloud have tried the collective leadership and employees in the company, becoming a company that provides property management software has brought overall satisfaction for customers, recently received the backing of the major technology companies in the world.
Up to the present time, to help the hotel manager is the overall management of the activities in your hotel search and maximum revenue, ezCloud is providing its customers with 2 parts Hotel management software is ezFolio and ezCloudhotel. Specifically, ezFolio is designed exclusively for the hotel segment scale from 3-5 stars and ezCloudHotel the appropriate software to scale hotels from 0-3 stars. In addition, to the management of the activities in the hotel becomes more optimal, we also provide one service and client software such as EZweb, ezCms, ezGoft, ezPos …
Although the story of self-enrichment students have become familiar in today’s society are to succeed, they need to learn and self-accumulation, equip yourself with the necessary number of factors such as: a platform solid knowledge, the ability to handle situations mind agile and innovative, flexible. As noted above, the objective of ezCloud not just give our customers maximum satisfaction when using the product, but also wants to help the students in the hotel – – tourist understand the hotel operations through a contract signed with the education unit (Hanoi Open University, Vietnam US industrial College) and create the best conditions, not only to share useful information with young people Checkers innovative software, wants to get rich, but also always open to students who want to stick and jointly developed with roads ezCloud on exciting and compelling next.

Hotel management is not as hard as you think!

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